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broken arms

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reikizen Sat 25-Jun-11 18:01:45

Any tips on life with a 4 year old with a broken arm? How soon to go back to school? Baths etc?

feckwit Sat 25-Jun-11 18:10:10

Hello, my daughter broke her arm at 3, then broke the other one at 10! Now she is on crutches at 13 sigh. Anyway, she was out of plaster in 4 weeks both times. For baths we used to get her to try to hang her plastered arm over the edge of the bath but also covered with a plastic bag just in case. To be honest she had very little pain after 2 days or so. She didn't miss school.

roisin Sat 25-Jun-11 18:15:07

ds2 broke his when he was about 6 I think. He did it in half term and went back to school the week after as normal. The doctors were concerned about the elbow, so he had 3 months with no PE, dance, etc. and stayed in school in the library at playtimes instead of joining in with the rough and tumble in the playground. We also had a summer with no bikes, no playgrounds, no skateboards, no tree climbing, etc! It was dreadful.

BUT the arm and elbow healed fine and he's never had any problems with it since.

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