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One kidney working and toilet training

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Gooddie Fri 24-Jun-11 21:33:09

DD (21 months) has only one kidney working. The other one is perfect. She's on a preventative antibiotic since birth and this will finish in 3 more weeks. Her next apt is an ultrasound scan and it's in Oct.

My question is to mums of girls who have had this.

The creche want to start toilet training DD. She is talking about weewees for the last few weeks and wanting to be brought to the toilet when we're going. nothing said about poos yet. They've put her on the potty "for a few minutes" after her nappy is taken off.

I wanted to wait until Oct to see what state the other kidney is in before we get going on this. But maybe DD is ready??

Anyway would the likelihood of UTIs increase with TT?? With her not wiping properly or holding on to go or sitting too long on the potty?? If the "good" kidney gets constant UTIs this could damage it beyond repair, so I'm very nervous to start this.

How did ye get on TT your daughters? (i'm ignoring boys cos consultant said that UTIs are more prevalent in TT girls!!).

Any thoughts on this? I'm so confused. DH thinks that the creche would know if she's ready, as we really don't have a clue. I disagree as i think they start TT them as part of their routine iykwim.


girliefriend Fri 24-Jun-11 21:39:12

I don't have any experience with the kidney issues but personally 21mo is young, you might as well wait and I think 2 and a half is about the right age to start trying.

DITDOT Sat 25-Jun-11 12:34:52

My DD2 was born with kidney problems which resulted in surgery and removal of 3/4 of a kidney so she now has 1 and a bit!

She was potty trained at 2 and 3 months of her own accord and did attend nursery for 4 days a week. I found that she had less UTI's once trained as she wasn't in her wee soaked nappy and also when she did a bad poo you could almost guarantee an infection despite meticulous cleaning. Poo just seem to trigger a UTI.

Therefore potty training reduced UTI's but she was older than your DD when she wanted to take her nappy off.

A difficult one as they see others at nursery going on the potty. Wiping is the big issue and at 2 yrs and 3 months my DD understood how to wipe properly to reduce UTI risk after so many stays in hospital.

A tricky one, I think 21 mths is very young but she my cope. Maybe asking for her to be kept on antibiotics just to be on the safe side if she is determined to use the potty. I know a lot of people hate the idea of antibiotics but my DD may not be here without them.

Sorry I can't be of more help.

mrsjohnsimm Sat 25-Jun-11 12:51:31

Haven't toilet-trained DD2, who has potential kidney issues, yet, but based on toilet-training DD1 I would be surprised if the rate of UTIs increased; a creche should be wiping for her at that age (and for a while yet) rather than expecting her to wipe herself, which overall should be better rather than worse than being in a wet nappy. If the creche is expecting her to wipe herself then, yes, I think your concerns are quite valid.

Gooddie Sat 25-Jun-11 22:56:01

Thanks a mill.

Mrsjohnsimm the creche would still be wiping so that would be one thing off my mind.

Ditdot i was thinking of asking consultant to keep her on ab for another while. I'm another one who knows how much they are helping her so no complaints here.

Girlefriend i think it's too young too. The problem is the other kids in her room are using the potty so she wants to use it too.

I'm going to ring her consultant Monday and see what she says. Hopefully she'll have a bit more information for me.

Thanks again!

Imnotaslimjim Sun 26-Jun-11 21:44:20

Is she showing any interest in TT? My DS trained himself pretty much, at that age. DD was a little older but again we left her to her own devices and she got on with it herself. There was no "training" as such, they used the potty when they were ready. DD is very prone to UTI's (no kidney issues that we're aware of though) and is currently on Antib's again. We are wiping for her and she's 3.2, it still doesn't prevent them all the time though

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