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sekeci Thu 23-Jun-11 16:33:41

Hi, I'm new here and might need a bit of help getting around. Have three boys and my little one is three months old. He was diagnosed reflux a few weeks ago and I am looking for other mums with the same "problem" who might have ideas on how to cope better with it. My little bundle of joy seems to cope way better than the rest of us, and the whole thing is so hard that even the dogs hide from me.

ledkr Thu 23-Jun-11 16:39:49

Hi,i have a dd aged 22wks with reflux,very much under controll now thanks to medication,it was very hard tho.Can i suggest you do a search in the top of the page and see which reflux threads are current as altho im happy to advise you there are many others who are very knowledgable on the subject of reflux you may get better support from them.

sekeci Thu 23-Jun-11 17:04:25

thanx a mil, ledkr. You are an angel. it feels like i was the only one. he is gaviscon and zantac but the only improvement is his temper. He seems to be a little bit happier, tho he irrable due to massive lack of day naps. i have tried almost every trick in the book, and now (a bit early) Iam giving him a bit of rice with spoon, which seems to help.

twilight81 Sat 25-Jun-11 20:38:40

hi there,
i have a 2 yr old ds who suffers from silent reflux, we have had every med and every test going and since found out he has a hiatus hernia which contributes to the reflux.
the best advice i can give is to make sure you are refered to a gastro paed who will be specialised in this area, weaning early is one of the things that can help and they advised us to do but it made my ds worse so we virtually had to stop solids untill 8 months.
are you breast or bottle? there is a thickener called carobel you can add to bottles which is really good and it sometimes helps to switch to the hypoallorgenic formulas or if breast feeding to cut out dairy, there is also a range of meds you can try we found lansoprazole to be the best with our ds..
as for sleep i wish i knew the answer? my ds only ever had short little naps due to discomfort and still doesnt sleep well at night

a great site for support and advice is

sekeci Mon 27-Jun-11 13:23:37

hi back twilight,
I started on breast but had to change to bottle at 6 weeks because he wasn't getting enough or so I thought. It took me over ten weeks to get someone to listen that there was something wrong with him, but the Irish Health system is pretty much a joke. At the moment my ds is on gaviscon, zantac and nutramigen (formula for soya and lactose intolenrance),and also have introduce a small amount of solid once or twice a day. he seems a bit better, but does't sleep at all during the day, although for the past two weeks he goes down by 7 pm, has a bottle at 10 and (thank god) sleeps all night, which is a bonus. i have to put mittens or socks in his hands to stop scratching himself in the face when he has a "bad" moment. as a single mum of three, its quite hard to manage everyone, and the idea of a private gastro paed is out of the question for now and the public system has a waiting list of over a year.

maybe you could try our sleep routine: I started by putting him in his cot at 7 pm after a bottle and let him cry for a while (control cry), it was very hard but worked. Then topped him up at 10 pm. he now sleeps from 7 pm to about 6 am most days, but nothing during the day, unless I keep moving the buggy or the baby carrier.

ILoveGregoryHouse Mon 27-Jun-11 22:46:13

Hi Sekeci. There's a reflux support thread in the Breast and Bottle Feeding board. You're not alone. All four of my babies have suffered. Lots of good advice and help on the support thread.

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