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17mth old woke with dried blood on face and nose keeps bleeding?

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canibe Thu 23-Jun-11 09:11:05

She has a little snotty nose right now. This morning she woke with dark dried blood around her nose. I cleaned it away and a little later when her nose got a bit snotty it came out with blood. She has not got a nose bleed with it running out but I wipe it all clean and then I can see more building up.

This has never happened before and as far as I know she has not banged her nose, unless she did during the night but we would have heard, any suggestions?

Many thanks

canibe Thu 23-Jun-11 13:51:19

I've been wiping snotty blood off her nose all day, a few mins later there is more there. Its not running out but just fills her nostrils, weird. She did trip over yesterday but landed with her hands out and if she had bumped her nose it would have been red and she would have touched it?

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