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14 month old vomiting and temperature

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deviladvocate Tue 21-Jun-11 22:19:16

My DD started vomiting during the night on sunday night (now tuesday). She couldn't even hold down water - took her to the docs. She didn't have a temperature - he put it down to teething. She has 8 teeth already and has never displayed anything like these symptoms.

The vomiting stopped by the evening (15 hours from when it started) however by then she had a temperature (38.3) which has continued (29 hours in now) - I've been managing it with calpol and neurofen, when it has come back up it's been as high as 39 at one point, mostly round 38.3. She's been whimpering with pain and grouchy all day and has slept a lot.

I called the doc again this morning and explained about the temp, he still thinks it's teething (!) but acknowledged that it could be an infection and gave me a prescription for amoxicillin describing it as "treating her blind".

Not feeling confident about lack of diagnosis or treatment - anyone have a view on whether vomiting and temperature are common side effects of teething?

MrsMoosickle Tue 21-Jun-11 22:30:57

I would be a bit worried with the whimpering with pain bit. Why not ring NHS24 and see what they say,

deviladvocate Tue 21-Jun-11 22:44:57

Thanks I hadn't thought of trying them - although whenever I've called them before they've just advised to go see the GP!

isthismadness Tue 21-Jun-11 22:48:29

Gp talking pants

You don't get a fever that high with teething

She may have an ear infection or urine infection. Blind antibiotics are ridiculous if he hasn't seen her

If she is still hot and unwell get her seen

isthismadness Tue 21-Jun-11 22:50:54

Gosh this makes me cross
Really bad medicine

The amoxcillin could mask what it is (eg urine)

Have you checked everywhere for a rash? Is she ok with the light?
If she is worse rather than better I would suggest a+e

MrsMoosickle Tue 21-Jun-11 22:52:03

Its horrible when they are so unwell. NHS24 can arrange A&E appointment and locums too. Worth trying, even if its just to put your mind at rest.

Hope you have a better night.

Strumpypumpy Tue 21-Jun-11 22:54:19

Out of hours doc or A&E would be my instinct. Teething doesn't sound right. Agree with everyone who suggests some kind of infection.

deviladvocate Wed 22-Jun-11 13:48:00

Thanks for your support - happily her temp settled down overnight and she's much happier this morning although not eating much. Kicking myself for not insisting the doc see her.

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