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Nits for the first time

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Kione Tue 21-Jun-11 16:55:51

So this is our first nits on my adult age. My DD (20m/o) and I got them. Just saw them this morning and have been to the chemist already and got the lotion and the comb. But must say I am sooooo terribly disgusted, I am really thinking on chopping all my hair!!!!

Anyway, what has me mystified is to think how did we get them as she only goes to a playgroup once every two weeks, and we have only a couple of friends with children and I haven't seen them having "prolonged head contact". I don't know if DP has them as I just discovered them, but he didn't complain of itchiness. Any ideas? I'd like to avoid contagious situations as you can imagine!

And also any advice on how to get rid of them? I did listen to the pharmacyst but maybe anyone has more advice.


ashamedandconfused Tue 21-Jun-11 17:20:27

wet combing with lots of cheap conditioner as part of your weekly routine, for all family members, this removes/kills/damages any adult lice that have been picked up and the conditioner makes hair too slippery for them to grip properly

the best comb is the nitty gritty - it has long teeth and grooves on the prongs which catch the eggs

in between hair washes, use a plant water spray with water and a bit of tea tree oil in, they HATE the smell, or a few drops of tea tree oil on the back of your neck or parting keeps them away too

you can buy tea tree conditioner, or just put some oil in your regular conditioner

combing every other day even after you think they have all gone to remove the tiny transparent baby ones before they start laying eggs

Has your DD got grandparents/cousins she visits? It does not have to have come from another child in the first place! That said, if both you and she have a headful, it could have come from one louse brought home from playgroup 2 weeks ago.

You just need to be vigilant with your checking and wet combing to prevent them being a problem again

ramade Tue 21-Jun-11 17:36:01

I freaked out the first time I got them. It probably won't be the last time you (or someone in your family) gets them, so you better get used to the idea! smile

These days they just recommend that you comb them out with conditioner. There is a brilliant nit comb with ridges (it's pricey at £9 though!!) but also any nit comb will do. Be really thourough, divide your hair and go through section by section, that should get rid of most.

Some people swear by tea tree oil shampoo+conditioner to keep them away, but I tend to think life is too short to putting all that on all the time, so we just do the combing method as and when we need to.

There is no point in getting to the bottom of how you got them, it's just part of family life!

Kione Tue 21-Jun-11 17:55:41

wow, thanks for all the advice, going to print them.

But Oh god, she hates me combing her hair at the best of times, and I do it evry night after the bath but not always very successfully. I have a very long wavy hair so if I have to comb it so much it will deffinitelly get a chop!

She does visit granma, but they dont have prolonged head contact, and a bald cousin who's one month old...

I suppose I will have to tell the playgroup?

ramade Tue 21-Jun-11 19:41:56

Yeah good idea to tell the play group, don't be embarrassed, they wont bat an eyelid because they deal with it all the time.

Get a massive bottle of cheap conditioner and put shed loads on your head. Start from the scalp and comb all the way to the end, also rinse before you put the comb to your head again. Good luck!

ashamedandconfused Tue 21-Jun-11 20:50:08

it does not always take prolonged head contact - a slight brush of hair on the shoulder of someone you pass, or a flick of the head that dislodges one! Or a quick cheek to cheek hug would do it.

Kione Tue 21-Jun-11 21:18:26


I've just been combing hair for an hour, she had quite a few, but not so much hair and her head looked pretty clear to me. And my scalp must be raw and it feels like it but it doesen't itch and I combed my hair until nothing came out (I think!).

So first step done. Going to but tea tree oil tomorrow, my sister has suggested to put it on the shampoo bottle and use it all the time normally but I think thats not too good as then it will be rinsed? I like the spray with water idea.

I will deffinitly comb aour hair with the special comb for a while, if its only because I am all paranoid now shock but will get that nitty gritty as the one they gave me at the chemyst hurts a lot and its already bending.

Thank as lot again smile

TOMOLBEN Tue 05-Jul-11 11:48:37

I was mortified the 1st time my eldest daughter had them. Having 4 children we have had to deal with this situation several times.

I agree with the above comments. conditioner and a nitty gritty comb work the best. I phoned the health visitor and asked her advise. She actually gave me a prescription for Lyclear and 2 nitty gritty combs, which saved money.

Hope this helps xx

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