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baby moves into own room to sleep - and sleeping bags or sheets?

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fireflyz Mon 20-Jun-11 22:44:40

DS is 7 mo, and DH and I are wondering whether he'd be better sleeping in his own room - and whether it would be better for DH and me too as we think that our going to bed disturbs him sometimes. Plus we'd like our room back....

BUT I feel very nervous of him going into his own room... would be terrible if anything happened... should we wait another few months.... does it make that much difference now we are over the 6 months mark?

I remember when DS was very small, he would sometimes stop breathing in the night, and Dh and I would breathe very loudly and deeply and DS would start snoring away again - perhaps this is baby apnoea? I dread to think what would have happened if we had not been there... but I think he must be OK now as we are able to put him to bed about 2 or 3 hours before we go up, and he is happily sleeping until around our bedtime, when at the moment he seems to want another feed (approx 10 or 11pm). So perhaps this strange not breathing thing is over...

We don't smoke and baby sleeps on his back so I think the SIDS risk is lessened for DS as a result...

It sounds like such a simple thing but it feels really daunting and like a huge wrench to not have him there sleeping beside us...

I think we'll miss the way he smiles and 'chatters' to us when he wakes up in the morning.

Also - we've been using bedsheets since day 1, and now I wonder if, when he goes into his own room, would he be safer in a sleeping bag?
We tried out a sleeping bag recently, but DS seemed to kick against it and I wonder if it restricted him more than he is used to... but he often kicks his sheets off just before he wakes up at the moment...

Does it take time for the baby to get used to the sleeping bags?

Any tips for getting baby used to sleeping in a different room - I was thinking of putting up our travel cot (not yet used) in his room and using it for daytime naps so he gets used to sleeping in there - although he can usually sleep anywhere so long as its not really noisy.

Sorry for long rambling post - thanks in advance for thoughts and advice x

WorrisomeHeart Tue 21-Jun-11 08:46:44


My 8 mth DS is a real wiggler so we've found sleeping bags brilliant. Keeps him nice and cosy during middle of the night changes too. We started using them quite early on as he never liked being swaddled and he seemed to sleep better with them. Did using the bag disturb your DSs sleep or did you just notice the kicking more?

Btw you might want to repost in the sleep topic re moving from your room - it tends to be busier! smile

fireflyz Tue 21-Jun-11 22:07:29

thanks WorrisomeHeart smile

I think we're just not used to the sleeping bags ourselves so found it tricker to tell if he was waking in the night because he had a full nappy or not for example.

I do get annoyed with sheets sometimes though... they are a fiddle to tuck in in the dark at night! I think I might feel safer with him in sleeping bags when he is in his own room. But not if he doesn't sleep well in them. I think perhaps I should try them out for his days naps.

LordOfTheFlies Tue 21-Jun-11 22:59:22

I honestly cannot remember how old DS was when he went into his own room (he's 11 now so it was a while ago!). I think he was about 3 months.He hated sleeping bags but he didn't try one til he was 5 months. He slept in a big travel cot with the mesh sides and when he started climbing out he had to have the mattress from his cot-bed on the floor with a bedrail.
DD had one from the day she came home and slept really well.We were surprised such a low tog weight kept her legs cosy.
DD went into her brothers room when she was 3 weeks old after her adoring public(GPs) had been to visit.

BTW by sleeping bag I mean the little baby grow bags with the 'pinafore' style shoulders and press studs, not an adult style sleeping bag

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