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What can I feed my 4yo with a tongue laceration?

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Pavlovthecat Mon 20-Jun-11 15:00:43

DD bit through her tongue yesterday after4 falling in a playground and smacking her chin hard on a metal bar.

RIGHT THROUGH. A&E ummed and arred about how to deal, attempted to stop bleeding, gave up and sent her home with bleeding tongue, with an appt in day ward to review and possible GA for stitching up. Yesterday not able to eat, drank chocolate ilk painfully through straw. NBM this morning.

Sent home for 'conservative management' to see if the gaping hole might miraculously heal by tomorrow and if not then surgery it is.

Until then, we are to feed her soft food - she has had some Ella's kitchen pouches, only likes the fruit ones, not the 'meals', Jelly, and some tomato soup (not much). DH tried some bread (hurt) and pasta (hurt).

She is also in some discomfort with her jaw, can't chew down (they are monitoring that as well, allegedly).

Any suggestions for substantial food? she is NBM again from midnight until possibly late tomorrow afternoon so want to feed her up.

sprinkles77 Mon 20-Jun-11 15:23:35

I would give her ice cream. Lots of fat and sugar so full of good calories, and the coldness with be great pain relief. Also, having something treaty might tempt her. If she has landed directly on her chin she may have a "guardsman's fracture" which is a classic combination of 3 specific jaw fractures caused by falling on her chin, often needing no treatment but making her sore. Ask about it. Tongues heal really well, think of all those piercings! They also bleed loads even if slightly injured. Poor baby, hope she feels better soon.

Pavlovthecat Mon 20-Jun-11 16:17:52

Oh i will ask about that fracture! yes she landed very hard directly onto her chin, and she now has a horrid horrid bruise just starting to come out, it is sort of 'white' and blue, if that makes sense. Consultant said something about the joints being damaged?

we have ice cream on the list!

sweetiesue Mon 20-Jun-11 16:35:58

Custard, creamy yoghurts, rice pudding, weetabix with lots of milk (and sugar), porridge, smoothies made with icecream/yoghurt/milk, icecream, milky drinks/milkshakes, sloppy mashed potato, boiled egg with v softy bread soldiers, scrambled egg with cheese, milk jelly, angel delight type puddings, inside of baked potato with plenty beans/cheese/butter.
You will prob need soft stuff ideas for after surgery (if it is required) or for next few days as she recovers.
Will keep thinking

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