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Migraines in children

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asdx2 Mon 20-Jun-11 10:21:44

Dd 8 had a migraine last night that she has not too regularly although having one usually means the first of a few over the next couple of weeks. It always starts the same complaining of being unable to see from one eye, then headache and vomiting and finally a very deep sleep for twelve plus hours.
I haven't been able to spot the triggers, she doesn't eat the usual triggers such as cheese, chocolate or orange and don't believe yesterday's was caused by anxiety or tiredness.
She is short sighted and wears specs but she had new specs in May so isn't due an eye test.
Anyone have any ideas on other possible triggers or anything the doctor could prescribe that might lessen the severity?

DBennett Mon 20-Jun-11 11:46:55

There are a number of different painkillers, either by themselves or in combination which might be appropriate for your DD.

There are also medications which reduce the frequency of attacks but because they need to be taken every day and that may not be right int his case as the episodes sound fairly infrequent.

You're doing the right thing by trying to identify possible triggers (a headache diary can be useful for this) but I'd like to say that neither vision issues (i.e. glasses) or chocolate have been found to be triggers in the best quality studies.

The chocolate one tends to go against peoples experience but that experience is confounded by chocolate being one of the most common food carvings and mythic status as a migraine trigger.

BigBadBear Mon 20-Jun-11 11:57:51

There's a group of drugs called triptans that lessen the severity and duration of an attack if taken at the first sign. At your DDs age, these have to be prescribed by your GP.

Keep on with the trigger diary, and maybe contact the Migraine Trust or look at the NHS UK website for more info on migraine as it may list triggers that you haven't considered.


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