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Newborn with snotty nose - tell me I'm overreacting

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Booboostoo Mon 20-Jun-11 09:43:40

DD is 20 days old and she woke me up this morning with a bit of a winge/cry session until she passed some wind (normal so far). During the crying I noticed she had a snotty nose, just one nostril and it cleared within a few minutes. Her nose has been clear since.

Do newborns get a bit of snot just like children/adults, or is it a sign she's coming down with a cold? Her temperature is normal. Please tell me I am an idiot, overreacting, first time parent for worrying!!!

bubbleymummy Mon 20-Jun-11 10:16:55

booboo - they can get a bit snotty and bunged up sometimes so that in itself is nothing to worry about (unless it is making it difficult for her to feed) but if her temp goes up then take her to your GP straight away because fever in a little one can be serious.

Congratulations btw! smile it's very normal to worry - it comes with being a mum! You'll have to get used to it because you have many long years of it ahead! smile

Booboostoo Mon 20-Jun-11 10:28:15

Thanks bubbleymummy!

She's feeding very well (puts on 200-250grams a week) and still no temperature or more snot. We are hoping to fly home this week (which of course we cannot do with a cold) so here's to fingers crossed it was a one off!

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