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Chest Problems

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AppleHEAD Sun 19-Jun-11 19:52:50

My DD3 has just come out of hospital having been in for 2 nights with a chest infection. She needed antibiotics and oxygen, they also gave her a nebuliser every two hours. She is now on inhalers but only until tomorrow. Earlier in the year she was in hospital again with pneumonia, this time for 4 nights. Then she had oxygen and antibiotics. The dr tells me this isn't unusual and not to worry!
Both times she had a slight cold then suddenly a cough started and then difficulties in breathing. It has been both times really sudden, scarily sudden. It is so hard not to worry. None of the doctors think she is asthmatic but I can't believe this is normal.
Has anyone else had similar experiences? She is 4.

Sirzy Sun 19-Jun-11 21:19:30

From what I know it's not that unusual for young children to have chest problems when they are ill, doesn't mean they are asthmatic.

Is she otherwise ok when she isn't ill? Ds is 19 months and has had 5 admissions to hopsital due to chest problems but the main reason he was diagnosed with asthma was the day to day low level trouble he was having (breathless when playing, wheezing and coughing attacks) when otherwise well.

Hope she is better soon

AppleHEAD Mon 20-Jun-11 07:20:52

She seems to have lots of ear infections but they plan to look further into that. Sorry about your Ds. I just wonder if she does have asthma

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