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11 month old belly button sticks out when stood up

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HotGiggity Sun 19-Jun-11 19:10:14


I just wanted to check if it's normal for my DS's belly button to almost pop out when stand stands up.

He's been in and out of the doctors about 3 times in the last 4 weeks with colds, coughs and fever and I don't want to take him back again if it's unnecessary.

I noticed this evening when he was in the bath that his belly button kind of pops out when he's stood up, but when he's laying down it's normal. I'm sure the 'outie'ness is a recent thing which concerned me more as I worry that it's a hernia and all his coughing recently has put strain on it.

I was born with 2 hernia's around my belly button and ended up having surgery on them when I was a toddler, but surely things like hernias aren't genetic.

Just want someone to tell me I'm worrying over nothing, or at least it's not urgent and that I can't just show the nurse at his 12 month jabs rather than having another doctor roll his eyes at my PFBishness.

WeeKirkie Mon 20-Jun-11 03:52:24

Dont ever worry about taking your baby to a doctor if concerned about your baby. Yes, if it was my kid I would take him to the doctors and just explain that this seems to be a recent thing. In my experience doctors love to think they have found the solution by themselves so dont go into detail about your (genetics) or that he has been ill recently. Just say you were concerned as this seems to be a recent development. The doctor will take more time over it if he thinks or she thinks its unusual. My own opinion probably a hernia he has always had and you are just noticing it. Fairly common and nothing to worry about at his age. Good luck with the doctor!

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