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Grommets op tomorrow

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used2bthin Sun 19-Jun-11 15:40:47

DD is nearly 5 but has SN both medical and developmental. She has lots of hospital experience unfortunately but I have been preparing her by reading the usbourne book which conveniently is about a boy having his ears made better.

Will the pain be awful after? She has had a slight cold so I had been thinking it probably won't happen but she now seems ok so I think it will. We usually stay in the night before aneasthetic but arent this time. Hope they don't suddenly want bloods etc before hand.

Anyway any advice or info welcome! Been waititng for this for ages and hoping it will help her speech but suddenly feeling a bit nervey.

used2bthin Sun 19-Jun-11 17:00:13


DeWe Sun 19-Jun-11 18:24:42

Ds has had two sets of grommets in. They told me they usually did the op unles they're definitely unwell, so I'd expect them to do it with a cold. I asked if they wanted to check the day before that he hadn't an ear infection (when he was getting them continuously) and they said that they'd do it unless it had burst/about to burst.
Certainly didn't ask for bloods at any point
Found they did basic preops, listen to heart, weighing, signing consent forms etc. He went into theatre fine, although he didn't want the mask on, which caused a bit of a problem as they tried to persuade him and he wasn't having any of it. While he was out they put a drip in, he probably was most upset about this once he'd got back on the ward afterwards, as they didn't want him to have it out until they were happy he was fine.
He did complain about his ears hurting when he first woke up and (minorly) for about 48 hours afterwards. I don't think it was bad though.
We used the usborne book, and also you can get a "Something Special" clip about hospitals on the BBC. If you search "Something Special hospital" you should get it.
The most scary thing for him was waking up afterwards in a strange room without me. I think he's have been a lot happier if I'd been there when he woke, but I think they won't allow that.
Hope it goes well. Both times for him it's been a day procedure, although the first time they were a little worried because his temperature came up afterwards. It made quite a difference to his speech, particularly the first time.

used2bthin Sun 19-Jun-11 18:40:26

Thank you that is really helpful. I will show DD the something special clip too hadn't realised there was one.

Really good to know that your DS wasn't too badly in pain for too long, DD also gets a lot of ear infections so will be used to sore ears at least.

The bloods worry is because of her condition which makes her a bit of a worry for them with anaesthetic and recovery but she passed her pre op assessment so hopefully they won't need them.

Just want it done, she is first on the list anyway so hoping to be home not too late.

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