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Any dentists on here?

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tallulahxhunny Sat 18-Jun-11 10:48:39

My daughter is 7 she will be 8 in october. When she was a baby she didnt really get her teeth until she was 2, it got to the stage where I was really worried because she had to suck hard food until it softened enough for her gums to break it down, but i continued giving her normal food to help the teeth break through the gums.

Anyway fast forward til she is 6 and she started losing baby teeth, she lost 6 in as many weeks, NONE of these have grown back yet. she is still losing teeth but none seem to be taking their place, (sorry 2 on the bottom have but are still only just poking through the gum). She had to get 1 tooth out a few months ago and it literally slipped out of her gum so its not that she has ultra hard gums or anything.

Has anyone else encountered this?

Suncottage Sat 18-Jun-11 21:21:07


Eruption dates vary from child to child and the loss of 'milk' teeth also varies with as much as two years from child to child.

Your DC is seems very normal in her age range. When she is about nine/ten years she wil have most of her adult teeth and at that age she will have to be very careful regarding oral hygiene. The 'sixes' i.e. the first molars can peep through without the child or parent knowing it and these are very prone to decay for that very reason. Look at the back of her mouth and check.

If you are still worried in a year or two ask your dentist for an 'OPG' x-ray so you can see where all of her unerupted teeth are.

Your daughter sounds pretty normal but get your dentist to check.

Why did she have to get a tooth out? Was it decayed?

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