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"abnormal"blood test result in 13yr old....due to Glandular Fever

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cutekids Thu 16-Jun-11 10:18:45

Does anyone have experience of their child/themselves being diagnosed with Glandular Fever? My dd1 has just had her blood-results back and apparently they are "abnormal" and she has GF.The lady on the desk when I rang up this morning,has said that she doesn't need any treatment according to what she was reading.However,hopefully,a doctor is going to ring me back soon.Anyway,me being curious,I've just googled complications of Glandular Fever and it says that people who have it can develop MS in later life.I know this is a little strange,but her boyfriend-who I think has possibly passed this to her although I wouldn't dream of laying the blame on anyone-has a mum with MS.Is this just coincidental?Should I just presume that MS is something that has to work its way out of her system?Anyone any ideas?

DeWe Thu 16-Jun-11 10:48:24

I had glandular fever as a student. I think I was told there was research relating ME (not MS) to gf. I can relate to that. Before I had gf I easily got away with only 4-6 hours a night as long as I occasionally got a lie in. In the years after having it I needed 9-10 hours a night, and even now I'm bad without 8 hours. (though maybe that's getting old)
Make sure she rests up, and doesn't push herself too early. I did all the things you shouldn't do before I went home for the holidays and DM wanted me to see a dr and they tested. I didn't have any treatment, but I was really quite ill for about 4-6 months. and didn't really recover for a couple of years.
I don't think you "catch MS" although I think there's a slight genetic link, so I'm sure it's coincidence with his mum.

Chaotica Thu 16-Jun-11 10:57:54

Don't google. The MS - glandular fever link is highly questionable. She will have caught it from someone with GF, but where from is really irrelevant.

She needs to rest a lot, take vitamins (I was given B vits and vit C) and generally take it easy. She might get depressed and moody as part of the illness too. (I had it as a teenager, and didn't rest immediately since it was diagnosed late, and it really dragged on.)

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