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My teenage daughterkeeps getting unwell

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kyria Thu 16-Jun-11 09:29:51

Hey everybody..I wonder if anyone else has had this problem with their daughter.......3 years ago my daughter at 13 had the jab for cervical cancer. A few weeks later she got a flu virus and im not joking this has been going on every 6 to 8 weeks since for the last 3 years.. Sometimes it coincides with her periods. (periods are still bit irregular) She has had loads of blood tests but they cannot find anything wrong with her. I dont bother with the doctor anymore when she gets unwell as all he does is offer her vitamin tablets. Sometimes if throat is really bad he gives her antibiotics..I dont know whether there is a connection with the cervical jab she had or maybe it was just a coincidence...The doctor puts it down to age and hormones. But 3 years now this has been going on. I feel sorry for her she has missed loads of school but obviously I have told the school why she is off literally every other month..Just wondering if anyone has had or has same sort of thing with their daughter....Many thanks for any answers...Kyria..

crispyseaweed Thu 16-Jun-11 20:12:27

I would get a 2nd opinion and see another doctor. Tell them you are not happy about whats going on and you want your DD to be fully examined and checked and tested for everything possible.
You could try visiting the local walk in clinic and tell them the situation. Ask for her throat to be checked again. Could it be tonsillitis? Or glandular fever?
It doesnt sound right at all.
Best wishes and good luck.

whymumwhymum Thu 16-Jun-11 21:47:07

Am not a medic but can't see that it would be related to the cervical cancer jab.

Has the gp done any actual blood tests? my first thought whe i read your post was whether she has had at some point glandular fever, this can cause imunosuppresion for a long time. I had it at 16 and then spent two years with a succession of opportunistic infections, eye infections, throat infections, thrush, etc etc!! Basically very run down.

She may also be anaemic as this can cause poor immunity.

\Go back to gp!

kyria Fri 17-Jun-11 09:46:59

Thankyou both for your replies...Glandular fever was ruled out, The peaditrician (sorry if spelt wrong) at the hospital told me that maybe she should have her Tonsils out at some point so maybe this is something I will have to think about. I went to the doctor last month and all he gave me was cod liver oil tablets..I have a history of self harming and anxiety and depression sometimes when I used to take her down there I got the feeling the doctor thought I was overeacting I even told my husband I will not take her again that he will have to if she gets unwell..Im ofcourse not overeacting she gets very very ill she is 15 not a child so if she didnt want to go to the doctor she would tell me..I think when she does, go down ill again which im calculating will be around 5 to 6 weeks from now..(sounads crazy I know) I will go back to the doctors and ask for more blood tests. I really wish I had the money to go private. Many thanks for your advice I really appreciate it. Kyria.

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