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Very lethargic 3 year old. Sign of a problem?

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BoojaBooja Wed 15-Jun-11 17:02:08

DD has just turned three years old. Usually she's full of energy, but for the last couple of weeks or so, she's been fine and lively in the mornings (carrying on activities in her normal boisterous way!) but is absolutely shattered in the afternoons. She just wants to have cuddles and suck her thumb (a habit which is increasing, but that's another worry!)

Is this a sign that something may be wrong? I think she may be having a bit of a growth spurt, but her appetite seems to have dimished slightly too, so this doesn't add up.

Any thoughts, please? Thanks!

Oh, BTW, I've been giving her an iron supplement with vitamin C, so I don't think she's missing out there. Her diet's good and balanced overall.

BoojaBooja Wed 15-Jun-11 20:05:49


stirlingstar Wed 15-Jun-11 22:28:17

Could be the growth spurt.

Could be hay fever. We had similar kind of thing with DS1 the summer he was 2.5 and then again at 3.5. Just seemed to lack stamina and be knackered. He had good check from GP - but GP & HV both suggested hayfever and to try an antihistamine - this even though he wasn't obviously streaming nose etc. Apparently the havfever can just make kids feel 'hungover'. The antihistamine did seem to help, and we've done it again this year as prophylactic (when we remember...). He's now 4.5. This year he has had times when he has been more rubbing at eyes, sneezing etc. So I think it could be hayfever.

However, scottish spring/summer this year has been wall to wall rain. So am only maybe 80% sure.

VforViennetta Wed 15-Jun-11 23:50:05

If the lethargy persists I would get it checked out, however my ds1 was quite lethargic when starting nursery. Obviously it wasn't long ago he would have had a nap at some point in the day.

If you offer to do her favourite activity (park/swimming or whatever) and she is still lethargic I would worry a little tbh.

It's probably a post viral thing, but I would want to rule out other causes if I am honest.

BoojaBooja Fri 17-Jun-11 16:41:00

Thanks for your replies.

Today DD came out in a rash on her shoulder and tummy, and developed diarrhoea, so I took her to the GP. She thinks that she's had a virus, which is now leaving her system. I hope so as we're going camping next week!

Thanks again for your replies. smile

Keeny Mon 20-Jun-11 01:04:05

Hi, You should take your daughter to a Kineseologist or a Homeopath who carry out tests on the actual internal body itself . Main stream doctors are uneducated in this area of our health. They can pin piont exactly what is wrong with her and give you natural remedies to heal her as anti-biotics only promote growths within the body, that we are unaware of.

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