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Anyone around with knowledge about childhood leukemia?

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ByThePowerOfGreyskull Tue 14-Jun-11 22:12:27

specifically AML M7?

oddgirl Wed 15-Jun-11 09:17:37

What do you want to know? Have professional experience in haem/onc

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Wed 15-Jun-11 17:59:11

thanks for responding.

friends little one has been diagnosed he is 18 months old.

I have scared myself silly on t'internet finding things that talk of a "dire prognosis"

is the prognosis really as bad as that?
He is is of complicated mixed heritage and am not sure if there is a point in me offering bone marrow as I am a boring very english heritage.

Any info would be great, thanks

veritythebrave Wed 15-Jun-11 18:18:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

oddgirl Wed 15-Jun-11 18:34:20

First thing DONT google!!! It will scare you stupid.

Second AML tends to be more difficult to treat than ALL (Acute lymphoblastic leukaemia) but this is not always the case. Treatment tends to be shorter and sharper than for ALL (ie 6 months intensive chemo rather than 2-3 years predominantly outpatient based as in ALL). AML M7 can have a poorer outlook but it very much depends on other factors such as the cytogenetics (chromosome issues). AML M7 is more common in children with Downs but for some reason their prognosis is slightly better.

Bone Marrow Transplant could be an option. The mixed race thing can make finding a donor challenging but not impossible. The option of BMT will depend on cytogenetics, response to initial chemo courses, donor options etc etc.

Hope that helps-you sound like a lovely friend and I am sure the family will need you lots over the next few months. You have to remember that each child is unique and their response to the disease is also unique so talking in terms of survival rates /prognosis is not always that helpful tbh.

Hope that helps

ByThePowerOfGreyskull Wed 15-Jun-11 23:09:23

the little one doesn't have downs syndrome.
thanks so much for your help

gordonpym Thu 16-Jun-11 05:15:03

My best friend little girl was diagnosed when she was 3. After months of chemio, they decided for an autologous bone marrow transplant or auto / self transplant if you prefer, as no donor was found.
Now 5 years later, she is a beautiful girl and the tallest of her class.
It will be tough, and your friend is lucky to have you.

Mollythenia Mon 04-Jul-11 09:05:48

I am so glad I saw this thread, my daughter was diagnosed in March age 3 with AML she has had 3 months of chemo and is back home for 5 days before her bone marrow transplant, the donor is her brother. She has AML M4 and also has neurofibromatosis. She is in complete remission but they can not take the risk becasuse of negative p53 and the NF.
You do get through it we live in France with good healthcare but absolutely no support system, my friend in the UK said macmillan were amazing.
We are lucky as my mother has moved over here for the duration about 6-7 months leaving my poor dad alone in teh UK but we could not do it without her, as I have 2 other children age 6 and 8 who are coping extremely well with it all.
She has been so amazing during the whole treatment which has been long and sometimes pretty awful.

MarianH Mon 04-Jul-11 16:27:24

I can't help as we are 6 months into dealing with ALL, with DD who is 12. I just wanted to wish you all the best, and your friend, and to Mollythenia too. It's crappy.

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