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Adenotonsillectomy Recovery times

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Pleiades45 Mon 13-Jun-11 11:26:17

I'm looking for some information from parents whose children have had this opertion. How long did it take them to recover?

I have a referral next week for DS1 and have been told that if the specialist agrees that op is required it could be done in next few weeks.

We're going on holiday on 29 July and I wonder if I should delay until after the holiday?

What are people's thoughts?

madmadhouse Mon 13-Jun-11 22:23:17

DD2 had her op when she was about 8yrs.She was back home the following day.But she then got an infections on about day 4 post op.She was ill for about 2weeks after her op.I remember thinking have i done the right thing when she was so ill.sadShe was worse then when she had tonsillitis.

But DN had her op about the same age and was fine after about 5 days.She was back at school after aweek.

Pleiades45 Wed 15-Jun-11 10:31:03

thanks for the reply. I'm hoping DS1 will have about 3 weeks to recover. Sounds like it's more than possible.

Elibean Wed 15-Jun-11 14:55:21

We were told not to go anywhere public (risk of infection) for at least a week after the op, and not back to nursery/school for 2 weeks. dd was only 2 at the time.
To be honest, in her case she was in pain for a week (non stop pain killers type pain) then very tired for another week, then grumpy and tired for another week or so. 3-4 weeks to be back on top form, IME.
You will hear a variety of answers, though the doctor will tell you the minimum time (infection risk) when you see him/her. Kids recover very differently!

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