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Weight loss when ill

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fruitychicken Mon 13-Jun-11 08:58:17

DD had had a cold and sore throat now for about 2 weeks. On amoxicillan for throat since end of last week. Eating and drinking very little although solids a tiny bit better. She has lost about 6oz in 3 weeks since last weighed. She is almost 8mo and gone fron 15lb15 to 15lb9. Just wondering does this sound like a lot or not too bad for 2 weeks worth of crappy eating???

vintageteacups Mon 13-Jun-11 09:40:49

It doesn't sound much to lose to me.

When they are antibiotics and have a cold/sore throat, it's usual for babies to go off their food/drink.

They can get tummy aches with anti-b's and generally I'm sure she feels unwell.

Just concentrate on getting fluids into her. Some babies haven't even been properly weaned at just 8 months so as long as you try to keep her milk intake up, she should be fine.

You obviously don't want her to get dehydrated and babies can quickly become so. Perhaps you could take her to clinic this week and ask the HV for her advice.

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