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High temp-how often +asthma/Rhinitis

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Mrspedro Sun 12-Jun-11 22:57:13

Hi everyone
Dd2 will be 3 next wk and has asthma (apparently ?!) she is on becotide/ventolin/singulair for same ....she has got repeated chest infections from 5wks old and they continue accompanied with heavy nasal congestion..generally she is free from nasal/chest symptoms about 2/3months of the yr ..apart from that she is all crackly or has runny nose and a strep throat infection once led to double lung infection which in turn lead to renal failure .....(sorry this is getting long winded!!)

Anyhow my Q is.....she's a high temp at the moment again,third one since Xmas ,possibly fourth..when she gets a fever it always makes her vomit & my heart breaks for the little mite...she's had an antibiotic at Easter time.....
Is it ok to have a temp that often ?
We'r waiting on an ent appt hoping that investigations there might be an
Allyway into clearing chest -united airways !
Any similar stories or tips /help appreciated sad
I'm sooooo tired of this sad

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