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Could this be Chicken Pox?

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DuchessEm Fri 10-Jun-11 09:00:39

Yesterday I noticed that DD had a tiny blister-like spot on her chest and another underneath it that looks like an insect bite. Today the tiny blister is bigger and definitely a yellow blister and she has 3 more very tiny blister-like spots. If it was Chicken Pox, would the spots come out much quicker than this, or can it be a couple of days before full onset?

She seems well otherwise today, but had tummy ache last night and had mild diarrhoea and has had a bit of a cold over the last couple of days. She seems very hungry today, though. It's confusing sometimes, this parenting lark!

I am crossing my fingers that it isn't Chicken Pox, but I know she will get it at some point!

HushedTones Fri 10-Jun-11 09:27:31

It's hard to say without seeing the spots but in answer to your question, yes chickenpox can develop slowly with waves of spots appearing over several days (they don't all come at once necessarily and some children only get 10 - 15 spots in total) and yes it does normally start on the chest or the back and yes it does look like a blister or a bite.

I think you will have to assume it's CP until / unless the GP tells you otherwise or it becomes apparent that it's not (eg if they all disappear tomorrow without a trace).

Keep DD away from other people (CP can be dangerous to vulnerable people and pregnant women) and if you get a GP appointment tell them you suspect CP so they can sit you separately in the waiting room if they need to.

Other things it could be are impetigo or of course insect bites but for now assume it is contagious until you can get it checked.

DuchessEm Fri 10-Jun-11 09:42:24

Thanks for the reply HushedTones. I think you are right and that I have to assume she is contagious until confirmed otherwise. Luckily she doesn't go to nursery today, and by the time Monday comes around I should know either way! I'm also assuming that if it is Chicken Pox, then there is now no point in trying to keep her little bother away from her (which would be pretty hard anyway!) as he may have already been infected?

I will keep her in today and ring the GPs to see what they say.

Thanks again!

HushedTones Fri 10-Jun-11 12:45:42

DuchessEm - there is no reason (and no point) in keeping her away from her little brother at all. In the unlikely event that he is immuno-compromised in some way (ie has a serious health issue), it would be worth getting to the GP sooner rather than later as there is something they can give to vulnerable people who have been exposed and it has to be done within 48 hours
If he is normally healthy though that is all fine and he's probably already caught it.

CP is very infectious (15 minutes in the same room as someone with CP is enough to catch it even if the person with CP doesn't touch you or cough!) so for this reason you can be fairly certain DS has already got it and will start showing symptoms within 10 -14 days (rarely it can be upto 21 days but that's more common in adults).

DuchessEm Fri 10-Jun-11 13:40:17

Thanks again, HushedTones! He has no other health problems, so if he catches it he should be fine. My only reason for not wanting him to get it this time is that we have flights booked for 2 weeks time for our long awaited holiday, so if he comes down with it then I'll have to cancel or delay slightly, but such is life with children!

DD still seems fine, if not a little tired and pale. I'm refraining from checking her spot-status every 5 minutes! grin

Still waiting for the GP to ring back. The receptionist didn't seem to think she needed seeing at the moment as she only has a couple of spots and is fine in herself. I think they will adopt a wait and see approach, which is fine as we don't have to go out anywhere anyway, so no chance of infecting anyone else.

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