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Could this be enlarged tonsils?

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chuckeyegg Fri 10-Jun-11 07:14:19

DS has in the last few weeks only wanted soft foods porridge and fromage fraise mainly. His sleep has been terrible very restless and twithching and sleeping in odd positions. His breathing seems quite irratic. He seems absolutely shatter through the day. His behaviour is completely out of character. He has autism so can't articulate any discomfort to me.

Let me know what you think.


Elibean Fri 10-Jun-11 13:39:04

Yes, it could - do get a GP to have a look, and an ENT referral if you think he needs it (ie if GP doens't know). dd2 had very large tonsils, and ate less and less until she was actually losing weight...also waking up gasping for breath, restless, exhausted. She looked like a wee spider - then aged 25 months had her tonsils and adenoids out, and turned into a thriving bouncy toddler.
In her case, it took a while to diagnose because she was born with a floppy larynx - so doctors always assumed (as did we) her issues were to do with that.

In your ds's case, if its only been a few weeks I suppose its possible he had/has a virus that made him nauseous...nausea can also affect sleep in that way (and then he would be shattered in the day). Hence, ask GP for a check up and do mention tonsils as part of it.

Good luck, hope he's better soon one way or t'other!

chuckeyegg Tue 14-Jun-11 08:01:10

Thanks Elibean for your reply. We will pop to the doctors.


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