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9 month old - Fever, coughing till vomiting, hunger strike

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RubyrooUK Fri 10-Jun-11 00:15:29

My DS is now 9 months - nearly 10 months old - and has just started full-time nursery.

A week ago, he developed sticky eyes - look very much like bacterial conjunctivitis. Then two days later, snot gushed out of his nose and his temperate shot up to 38.6. He vomited his meals.

Since then, he has developed a terrible cough which usually results in him being sick (especially in the night). His temperature stays above 38 degrees. And he has refused to eat or drink for five days.

As I was working full-time, he used to breastfeed only through the night. He has always refused a bottle and the nursery have failed too. He spits out formula and thinks expressed milk in a bottle is very funny but not for drinking. Anyway, I do my best but for last five days he will only breastfeed. Nothing else. So I have to stay off and breastfeed all the time.

Took him to doctor and she said he had bad throat infection and prescribed penicillin. Because he won't take any medicine orally (immediately throws it up) he didn't keep a single dose of that or Calpol down. Went back to doctor. Was given paracetamol suppositories which are great and keep his fever down for about two hours at a time. Doctor said give up on penicillin.

But he has not got better. Five days and he still won't eat or drink. He is a happy greedy fat little baby who loves eating solids and now he has lost several pounds. Yesterday another doctor said his breathing was bad, heart rate was high and chest sounded blocked. She sent us to hospital.

They were concerned about dehydration (he is being kept going by breast milk). They couldn't get him to keep down any medicine or hydration fluids either (he threw up bile on them at any spoon/syringe/bottle/cup attempt), so they said oh well, it was probably a virus and to go home. Just give him the paracetamol suppositories for fever. And breastfeed to combat dehydration all the time, not just at night. He is so hoarse he can't even cry. So I want to know:

- do fevers normally last five days?
- any ideas when he might eat or drink again?
- any way we can stop him vomiting after coughing?
- do I keep telling doc he isn't improving or not bother?
- anything else helpful...

By the way, tried all syringes, aspirators etc. I am just so worried because it's gone on so long now and I'm facing another week off work when I've just gone back and am negotiating promotion. They're being really lovely but the breastfeeding means my DH can't share the time off as DS just won't eat at all when his dad cares for him.

Sorry for ramble - very very tired.....

chuckeyegg Fri 10-Jun-11 13:20:11

The only advise is go back to the doctors if he isn't improving. Big hugs, hope you managed to get some sleep

Lizwah Sat 11-Jun-11 00:25:53

You poor thing this sounds so awful. You are doing exactly the right thing by keeping on feeding. I know its exhausting but you did it before when he was new. You can do it again now. My DS is 9 months too and has been coughing until he vomits and it is really unpleasant. You just have to keep going with feeding him whatever he will take and keep trying water from a sippy cup, maybe something plain like a tiny bit of porridge or puree.

As for the doctor, if you are still worried call them. it is what they are paid for and don't worry that you might seem anxious or whatever. Your priority is to make sure they take good care of your little one and do everything that is necessary. And if he seeks to be getting worse get on to the phone straight away.

Lizwah Sat 11-Jun-11 00:29:43

Oh and I read somewhere that rubbing vicks babyrub on their feet then putting socks on them can stop them coughing so much. I haven't tried it yet but its the next thing I'm trying. Hopefully it'll help with the sickness.

I really hope your DS is on the mend soon.

RubyrooUK Sun 12-Jun-11 21:55:26

Thanks all - eventually the doctor decided after 6 days of fever beginning to hit 39 and his increasingly hacking cough to give amoxicillin a go. He actually ate that inside a little bit of yoghurt and started perking up the next day and after 8 days, his fever seems to have died away and he is much more cheery. Thanks again everyone.

chuckeyegg Mon 13-Jun-11 10:28:15

Thanks for the update. I'm glad he's on the mend. smile

Kanem Mon 17-Sep-18 12:46:52


My little girl (10+) is having a bad cough which makes her throw up all her meals.. I heard a bit of vicks on the soles of her feet covered with socks will help with the cough. Has anyone tried this before?

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