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PMT in an 11 yr old!

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thornrose Thu 09-Jun-11 22:54:56

My dd started menstruating at 10, she is now 11 and she has terrible PMT. (She also has ASD but not sure if that is particularly relevant.)
Tonight she has "rampaged" around the house, screaming, swearing and banging doors. I had to physically restrain her at one point as she was completely out of control.
My mum had awful PMT and I did when I wasw younger.
I'm loath to "google" the subject but I wonder if anyone has any experience of this? Is this something we have to grin and bear?

Hunterswish Fri 10-Jun-11 14:30:10

Hiya smile
Stab in the dark but have tried your GP? See if there is any need for Vitamin B12 supplement? Having ASD will make things even more difficult as of course she is not in control of her moods or aware of her own emotions I would imagine? To have a history of bad PMT what did you use if anything?
Ask her Autism Outreach or your support worker how to cope with this particular area of her development.
My ASD is a lad so although lucky enough not to have to go through Periods still not lucky enough to go through hormones, it is a complete nightmare let me tell you ! smile
Anyway good luck smile

thornrose Mon 13-Jun-11 23:04:51

Hunters when you say support worker what do you mean exactly [thick]. We don't have one, how do I get one?

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