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Something not right but cant put my finger on it

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babyicebean Thu 09-Jun-11 11:44:02

Eldest DD had a bug end of january.Usual school thing - sick and sent home from school and off for two days.

Since then she hasnt seemed right.She has bouts where she is tired and very pale.She is so pale she makes a goth looked tanned.I know she is usually pale due to colouring but this is almost glowy pale.
She doesnt sleep well - finding it hard to get to sleep and waking up is early - her eating is very erratic - some days she eats like a horse and I think she is getting better, then she goes back to not eating enough to feed a fly.She regularly complains of feeling sick and being sick but the stuff she is claim is sick is gunk from her throat.They gave her a course of AB fortnight ago and she seemed slightly better but now she coughs like a 100 a day smoker.
Then she will have a couple of hours ar a day of haring round like she always did and I think she is better but then she goes back to this weepy,limp, tired little girl.

Any ideas?

TheOriginalFAB Thu 09-Jun-11 11:45:10

Thorough check up at the doctors I think.

Elibean Thu 09-Jun-11 12:53:03

I would ask for a thorough check up, agree with FAB. Poor thing, sounds miserable - could well be post-viral, but its a long time since January. Don't be fobbed off, you deserve some answers!

babyicebean Thu 09-Jun-11 13:15:43

Thanks all

She has been to the doctors and they have done two lots of blood tests
Am back there sat and will be asking for a referral if they try to fob me off again

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