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Teething os something else?!?!?

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fruitychicken Wed 08-Jun-11 14:35:39

DD is 7.5mths. Got her 1st 2 bottom teeth at 5.5mths. She had a cold about 2 wks ago which lasted about a week. Totally went off her milk (was managing to squeeze about 10oz into her) but is now also off her solid feeds. This morning wouldn't let a spoon of porridge past her lips but did take a bit of greek yoghurt, followed by 3oz milk when asleep, then screamed going for nap which isn't like her! Did the same thing last night! Took no lunch either. Chewed on a little rice cake and took a couple of stawberries. She usually loves her berries but the last couple of days hasn't been chewing as well and there's always quite a bit left in her mouth. I'm giving her calpol, nurofen nelsons teething powdwers etc, as per label but feel I'm firing a pile of stuff at her!! Just wondering if anyone thinks this could be anything other than teething? I'm concerned she has a sore throat or something that I'm missing!!

skorpion Thu 09-Jun-11 08:58:58

Does she grab at her jaw and ears? My DD is prone to ear infections (we're on the third in her 18 month life now) and goes off her food and is quite lethargic when she gets them. They tend to come after a particularly snotty period (she's at nursery, so snotty all the time). Maybe worth getting a GP to look at her ears?

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