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What's going on? Advice please

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curtaincall Mon 06-Jun-11 12:40:14

First day back after half term and ds (Yr1) ill again. Teacher suggested humorously he was 'allergic' to coming back after hols (off 3 days at beginning of term too) and almost 3 weeks in the Winter term. He loves school but was up dry coughing alot in the night and said he didn't feel well this morning, though no temp. Really hard to work when he's at home. Beginning to think he has poor immune system as other children don't seem to be so susceptible to catching things. In the past if we've sent him in when he's been like this, he's got worse and been off for several days. He's above average size for his age and has an excellent appetite normally. Is this unusual? Wwyd?

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