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Chicken Pox Questions!

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twolittlekings Sun 05-Jun-11 22:46:58

I have a DS (6 yo) who has definitely got CP. He seems to be coping OK and was at grandparents for half term. I think he may be started to come out with spots while there so would not have been at home during the most contagious part (2 days before spots appear). He now is in 3rd day, has a temperature but no other symptoms other than the spots (ie no cold or cough etc)

Meanwhile other DS (nearly 2) was very unwell at the beginning of the week while big brother at grandparents. Very high temp (40 deg) for 3 days and then ended up in hospital with several non blanching spots - treated for suspected bacterial infection but blood culture shown as negative. Given all clear now. At the time had no symptoms other than the temp and an additional blanching pimply rash that has now gone (plus the non blanching ones).

Is it possible 2yo has had CP without the classic spots? Both would have had to be in contact with the same child at the same time to come down with it at approx the same time which I'm not sure about. Could it have been a glancing contact at the park or does it need to be more prolonged?

Also do you think if younger DS has not had it then I should keep him away from one that does have it? I have read siblings get it worse due to more exposure. Sorry for the questions but am actually quite worried about the younger one - given the fact he seems to get quite unwell from viruses. Am I over-worrying?


Al1son Mon 06-Jun-11 10:03:02

If you are exposed to a virus it multiplies inside your body so there's no reason to think your DS would get it worse because he caught it from a family member. The severity of the infection is governed by how quickly and effectively your immune system reacts.

My DD1 caught chicken pox on holiday aged one year and she didn't have more that a very brief contact with anyone apart from me and DH who had already had it so it doesn not take prolonged contact.

I would stop worrying about it. If your 2yo has not already had it he's probably incubating it so just carry on as normal and wait to see what happens.

Good luck. CP is definitely one which is better over and done with, not fun at all.

twolittlekings Mon 06-Jun-11 13:16:22

Thanks for reassurance. DS2 does not eat much so I'm going to prepare his immune system for potential attack and get some multiple vitamins. At least I have notice on this one!

Al1son Mon 06-Jun-11 15:52:30

Also get bicarb for the bath, Calamine and Piriton if you don't already have them for DS1.

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