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Can't find a dental thread..any dentists/dental nurses about??

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mangomay Sun 05-Jun-11 22:20:43

The last few weeks I've been taking quite a lot of pics on my fancy new camera, and whenever I asked my DD to smile, her smile looked odd. I realised it was because she had her lower teeth in front of upper teeth. When I asked her to bite down, her molars met at the back but her front teeth don't. Everyone thinks I'm being paranoid but I've (yes bad idea I know) googled it and it looks like a typical open bite. Its not severe but now I know about it, its all I can see. I know exactly why she has it too. I haven't made her give up her dummy yet, she's 5 in December. I know its awful but everytime I've tried she's been distraught and sobbed her little heart out for hours until she fell asleep. She does only have it at night, although I know thats when they do most of their growing. I had my dummy til primary school and never had any probs, as did both my sisters (my mum was weak) In fact we all have great teeth. However, DH and his sisters all had braces so maybe its a hereditary thing??
So go on, scold me for being a terrible mother and then tell me what I should do. Shall I take her to the dentist about it and what are they likely to say?

jasper Sun 05-Jun-11 22:41:50

Mangomay, I'm a dentist.

No one thinks you are a terrible mother!

If you take her to the dentist they will only tell you what you know already
A) the open bite is being caused by the dummy
B) the sooner you get rid of it the better.

Realistically,however, it is not really a problem at her age . It becomes a problem when her adult teeth start to come in ( usually at about age 6 ) .
SO you have a bit of time before you really need to et rid of the dummy.

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