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red patch under eye (below lower eyelid) in four yr old

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allag Sun 05-Jun-11 10:49:26


I was wondering if anyone might have any ideas as i am a bit at a loss! for a couple of months now, and I think increasingly, DD has this red patch of skin under the outer corner of her eye (on the top of her cheek really) that seems to come and go during the day but is mostly there. Sometimes it looks smaller, sometimes bigger, sometimes it is a semi-circular shape sort of tracing the outline of her lower eyelid, sometimes it is not there at all. it is not rough or scaly, you can't really feel it when touching. Very occasionally she has a bit of redness under the other eye but the majority of the time its just her right eye. She is well otherwise although has had quite a few bugs (coughs and colds mostly) and is generally still a bit run down after she had a glandular fever in February. Bloodtests are normal. ANY ideas would be much appreciated before i take her to the doctor as it really bothers me now! it makes her look exhausted and unwell. Thank you so much

Al1son Sun 05-Jun-11 19:37:00

If it were on one of my girls I would assume it was eczema. You could try using an emollient a couple of times a day to see if it goes away. It doesn't have to be dry and scaly to be eczema.

Warning; most emollients will sting on eczema on the eye. I use vaseline because it doesn't but if you decide to use something else like E45 it will probably hurt for a few minutes if it is eczema.

allag Mon 06-Jun-11 08:48:39

it has occurred to me but yes, I had assumed eczema feels dry. Thank you. So I might have a go with vaseline then.

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