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Amber teething necklaces: woo or wonder?

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Bumperlicioso Sat 04-Jun-11 17:53:46

Cause dd2 is getting on my wick!

Lady1nTheRadiator Sat 04-Jun-11 17:55:50


But cannot deny I wish they were wonder as DD is getting on my wick too... how many teeth has she got? 3 here and my word she has let us know about every second of it smile the (fleeting) upside of it is one single good nights sleep seems to follow each tooth (so far at least, now I have said it out loud it will never happen again)...

Lady1nTheRadiator Sat 04-Jun-11 17:56:46

Might the placebo effect work even if I think it is woo, though? <ponders, desperate>

Bumperlicioso Sat 04-Jun-11 17:59:18

One popped through and one coming. Any other tips or just chuck brandy calpol down her neck?

Lady1nTheRadiator Sat 04-Jun-11 19:49:03

is it general mood, sleep, milk, food or a mix of these that are troublesome? not that I have any words of wisdom, we just don't sleep whenever a tooth is erupting, and at 5am DP will take her downstairs so I can sleep for, ooh, a good thirty minutes before DS thinks I might want to see him..

Bumperlicioso Sat 04-Jun-11 20:03:05

Sleep is pretty shite most of the time anyway, so hasn't made a discernible difference. But randomly bursting into very sad tears sad

Lady1nTheRadiator Sat 04-Jun-11 20:40:47

Ahhh poor little DD sad oh that's really made me feel sad for your baby!! Have you tried Bonjela? I tried to rub some on DD's gums today but I think she just ate it. Also teething powders, I used Ashton & Parsons with DS but are they homeopathic? With him I just bought them because I thought that's just what you did (IYKWIM?) but I've no idea if they really work - I think just putting something on their gums makes you feel as though you're helping, and maybe for them it's a distraction. Otherwise stuff like cucumber sticks but I know you can't really dole a few out 100+ times a day...

4madboys Sat 04-Jun-11 20:50:58

i use the teething powder and it does seem to calm dd (6mths tomorrow) she has just cut her first two teeth, the bottom front two.

also gave calpol to help with sleep......

and we have an amber necklace, i used one wiht my boys, not sure if it helped but they look very cute grin hmm

peasizedbladder Sun 05-Jun-11 00:15:59

we use tons less calpol if ds2 has an amber necklace on... and he got an infection of one sort or another (e.g. ear infection, tonsilitus) immediately after every tooth when he didn't wear one. but he's been a grumpy boy AGAIN recently, molars coming now, so bunged a second necklace on him and it seems to have helped!

twinmummy24 Sun 05-Jun-11 14:24:48

we found dentinox worked better than bonjela as there is no limit to how often you can use it!
we also put dummy in the fridge and gave loads of cold chewy snacks, is your little one is at the weening stage? also found ice chips helped to sooth gums,
it is awful though isn't it, we have got twins one never complained at all we would just suddenly otice a new toth the other complained all the way throught!!

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