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UTI in 17 month old - an i prevent any future ones?

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Liskey Fri 03-Jun-11 21:02:00

Just back from hospital with DD who was admitted on Sat night/Sun morning after having a febrile convulsion (second one of her life) and an extremely high temp 41.1 in ambulance.

She then had a second convulsion on Sunday and I had to get 2 urine samples from her easier said than done!

Her temperature kept yo-yoing up and down till the 3rd set of antibiotics started worked Intravenously.

Very very bad week.

As she's not yet potty trained are there any other symptons I can look out for UTI's as I'm worried she may be prone to them now.


DITDOT Fri 03-Jun-11 22:56:19

My DD2 was born with a kidney problem so she was hospitalised due to UTI's numerous times.

Symptoms were - high temperature, vomiting, unusual smelling and funny coloured urine in her nappy (mucus blobbed urine when she went on a potty), smears in her nappy which were mucus discharge and vomiting.

Little girls are prone to UTI's as they have a more open genital structure than boys so I was scrupulous about wiping front to back and she now does this herself (aged 5). Also when she was still in nappies as soon as she pooed the nappy was changed as I found if she pooed in the car and we didn't know for a length of time she ended up with a UTI.

My DD attended a day nursery and they changed her nappy every 2 hours to stop a build up of urine and to keep her extra clean. Also lots and lots of water to keep flushing nasties through.

I empathise with getting a urine sample, the amount of time we spent trying to get her to pee in her bag and sitting her on a foil dish!!

If she gets recurrant UTI's it may be worth asking them to just double check that the plumbing is all where it should be. This is done by a simple ultrasound scan.

Hope this is just one of those things and she never gets one again.

Liskey Sat 04-Jun-11 09:35:23

Cheers for that.

I've always wiped her correctly and told off DH if he does it incorrectly but I'll reiterate that to him. She hates pooey nappies and if she does one in her sleep will wake up and we'll have to change her - just as well really!

They did do a scan at hospital to check her kidney function wasn't impaired - and she's to go back for another different scan in 3 months time as it wasn't very clear - she kept wriggling.

That's good advice about changing her nappy every 2 hours though. We'll do that.

Thanks again.

DeWe Sat 04-Jun-11 21:59:10

Cranbury juice is your friend!
Since dd2 had a bad infection at age 4, she'll tell me if her wee hurts a little. I then feed her cranbury juice in abundance. It's only once since then developped into a full infection, and that was the time I had run out.
She had to be scanned afterwards but was fine.

GreatOrmondSt Mon 06-Jun-11 17:43:08

Message deleted by Mumsnet.

Liskey Tue 07-Jun-11 21:29:18

Thanks for that link - I'll be reading that thoroughly!

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