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Adenotonsillectomy NHS waiting times

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Pleiades45 Thu 02-Jun-11 16:50:55

Does anybody know approximately what the waiting times are for the removal of both adenoids and tonsils? Does it vary much between areas?

DS saw a consultant about 2 months ago who advised surgery and we're waiting to get a date.

DH has some type of private health care insurance provided by work (we've never used it and I don't even know who the provider is). Is it worth digging this out and trying to do the next stage privately? If so, how do I go about this? Who do I need to contact? Do I need to go back to GP to get a new referral or call hospital or even the insurance people?

pooka Thu 02-Jun-11 16:59:03

Dh has BUPA through work. I went to gp and got referral for her to be seen by a paediatric ENT consultant. Rang BUPA and faxed copy of referral letter. They authorised payment for the consultation. I then rang the consultant's private clinic and made an appointment quoting the BUPA auth code and our BUPA number.

They've said that if surgery required, we're to contact them again in order to go through the authorisation procedure again. Basically they make an assessment on a call by call, symptom by symptom basis as to whether they'll approve. Initially when dh called them they said iffy as to whether they'd pay for the consultation unless dd in pain or suffering day and night. She isn't. However I suspect the gp referring to possible sleep apnoea made them more inclined to pay.

I understood that in my local area is about 5-6 months waiting time from consultation to op on nhs. But when I had day surgery I was told 6 month wait but was dine in 3because of a cancellation. So it can vary.

Halgirl Fri 03-Jun-11 15:32:20

We waited about a month and a half from the time gp put the referal in. Ds tonsils were absolutely huge and when consultant saw them wanted to get them out as quickley as possible. Was much quicker than expected.

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