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Blood after doing a poo (3yo)

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Cashew Wed 01-Jun-11 19:14:09

Can anyone offer any advice?
My 3yo son has just been to the toilet & when wiped I noticed a fair amount of blood on the wipe & round his bottom hole. Couldn't see any in the poo itself (but down the loo so fair distance away, shame it wasn't on the potty!)
He isn't constipated at all, in fact I've wondered if he has eaten too much fruit today. He had no pain & no knowledge that this had happened.
My DH has ulcerative colitis so I gues we might have gone into panic mode a little but what do you think?
Thank you!

Elibean Wed 01-Jun-11 19:28:48

dd had exactly the same when about 2-3, it was a one-off and we never found the cause....imagine it must have been a little fissure. She wasn't constipated, had no pain, just bright red blood on the wipe.
I wouldn't panic at this point, just put a little sudacreme or something on him in case its a fissure and gets sore....wait and see what happens. If it happens again, go and see the GP. At least, thats what I would do/did!

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