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Faint Rash??

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rockinhippy Tue 31-May-11 20:48:44

I'm not sure if this is anything to worry about or not confused

on putting DD to bed I've just noticed she has a faint small pimpled raised rash - right across her torso, back & front - & looking in the light I can see she has more on her forehead - hidden under her fringe - its pale, barely any colour, but can be felt, at first I thought goosebumps, but its a definite rash though only very slightly pink - needed strong light to show that up.

She has been a bit snuffly this week & also has diareah, but diareah can be normal for her - though usually for a food or stress reason - none I can think of, ATM - though she was travel sick on a day out yesterday & I wondered if that had unsettled her stomach - though it wouldn't usually - also she's not been travel sick for a quite some time & it wasn't a long journey, so that in itself was odd confused

She is a bit under the weather, cold & clammy forehead at times, but doesn't seem to have a temperature, but does look pale with dark circles on her eyes

Not sure why, but measles popped into my head on looking at her - though she did have single jabs, she didn't have her booster due to needing to be well to have it, & there not been a window where the jab people have been in town when she has been well - though School nurse (who I've a lot of respect for) did say I was doing the right thing, due to DD being ill a lot at the time.

Does this sound like anything?? - she's generally not prone to proper rashes like this & has had chicken pox & german measles

Thank you smile

fortyplus Tue 31-May-11 20:51:06

You know what to do - the glass test to rule out meningococcal septicemia. Other than that it could be Chicken Pox, Rosacea - or even just a heat rash. Very unlikely to be anything to worry about.

rockinhippy Wed 01-Jun-11 11:29:59

Thanks - yes I did that as a precaution, although its not that kind of rash - DH always panics, so did it to pacify him anyway - & no not chicken pox - rash is different to that 7 she's had that too.

The rash did flare up & has ended up covering her body, jumped from torso to feet & then up her legs & everywhere else confused - ended up having to put her in the bath with oats & lavender etc to try & take the soreness out of it & doused her down with Calamine lotion to help her sleep - her temperature did go up, though not massively high at 37.2 , so also gave her ibruprohen - she slept right through until 10 - very unusual for her.

I'm now waiting on our GP to ring, as after reading around the internet - with sore throat, snuffles & a body wide pale rash & slightly raised temp etc, its actually looking & reading very much like its German measles confused

As far as we know she had this at about 9 months old - didn't get her immunised against that one (single jabs) as we were advised there was no need as she'd already had it - wondering now if the GP we had at the time was actually right in her diagnosis confused

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