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dribble rash

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mummytasha11 Tue 31-May-11 15:15:09

hi everyone,

my 20 week old baby boy seems to be teething, always got fingers/hands in his mouth, at times irritable, his cheeks are red and he has now got a red rash next to his mouth from dribbling

any advice on how to avoid him getting a rash? it looks sore sad

RantAboutToStart Tue 31-May-11 22:20:29

We had this, I would wash the face thoroughly (but gently!) each morning, dry and then smoother in vaseline. If the dribble rash was bad I would put sudocreme on first, then vaseline over the top. Once the rash has cleared, just get in the habit of putting a thin smear of vaseline each morning to keep the dribble off the skin.

I also used dry bibs to keep the necka nd neck creases dry because we had a dribble rash there too. Make sure the bibs are changed really frequently though to reduce chance of irritation.

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