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! year check today for 8 wk prem DD, advice please

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missjulie Mon 30-May-11 07:38:16

Hello, just wondering if anyone can shed any light of what to expect today.
HV coming at 10am and am getting worried.
DD almost 8 weeks prem, one year check postponed until near 'due date birthday'.
She is not yet crawling, or standing or anything, and has only just in the last few days managed to sit up herself.
She is still under the SCBU follow up clinics at the hospital, and is due another check next month (hasn't been seen there since Dec)
She is doing really well herself, but just not sure what to expect today.
Will they have a checklist for prem babies? Or will she be compared to term babies?
Any advice greatly appreciated. What should i be asking/not asking?
Many thanks in advance. (sorry for duplicate posts, have put this in premature birth, and chat too, as appointment at ten am, and trying to get plenty feedback)

missjulie Mon 30-May-11 07:39:13

Title was meant to say '1 year check'!! Oops

Malvapoeding Mon 30-May-11 07:43:42

Our 1 year check was just the HV checking all was going okay, no major things we were worried about, arranging referrals if needed, she made a note of whether DDwas sitting/standing/walking. Talked about safety equiptment like stairgates/fire guards etc. Gave us our bookstart pack and off we went. She make a note of the various hospital clinics we were under but made no other comment on things the hospital as dealing with.

I wouldn't worry, it's just a chance for them to have a nosey and keep in touch.

missjulie Mon 30-May-11 08:56:17

Ah, ok! You put my mind at rest, a little! Thank you!

duchesse Mon 30-May-11 09:06:13

We never even had a 1 year check! Must be different in different health authorities. Don't worry about it, if your HV is anything like up to snuff she will adjust your DD's age for her prematurity in considering milestones. They just want to pick up any potential problems to allow for early intervention where necessary- there is a lot of help available if needed.

missjulie Mon 30-May-11 09:48:11

ok, thank you! x

sneezecakesmum Mon 30-May-11 14:50:37

Your DD is already under scrutiny from the paeds point of view and the HV will be looking a milestones etc. She should take into account age adjustement in the short term. The HV is just keeping in the loop as various health professionals will be monitoring DD for a while.
Discuss with her DDs development and what it should be (age adjusted) if she/you have concerns list them and bring them up at the next meeting. Prem babies are mostly Ok but occassionally they have problems with their legs which will also affect their sitting. Do you have a physio involved? DD will be checked physically at her next appointment as HVs are not really trained to detect physical difficulties as a physio or dr would.

missjulie Mon 30-May-11 17:45:07

Thank you for that! No, no physio involved. Next SCBU follow up due in June sometime.
Today's appt went really well, thank you for the posts ladies!

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