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sleeping bag togs

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fireflyz Sun 29-May-11 00:22:42

Our 6mo sleeps in our room which is about 19 to 20 degrees and we are thinking of trying baby sleeping bags as he is starting to really wriggle and kick off blankets. What tog would you recommend?
I looked on babycentre and they say for 21 degrees to use 1 tog and for 18 to use 2.5 tog. Would you go for higher or lower tog?

Iggly Sun 29-May-11 06:12:07

We have one of each. At the moment at that temp, DS has 2.5 tog plus cotton sleep suit and short sleeve vest. If it warms up - some nights are milder at the moment, we use the 1 tog. Some babies get hotter than others so you might have to experiment.

Moulesfrites Sun 29-May-11 07:07:15

We have one of each too, and have just bought a .5 for our hols. Ds is quite a warm baby so at that temp he just wears the 2.5 and a long sleeved vest. If it is a grobag one they have a little chart that come with them to tell you which tog and which combination of clothing at which temp, which is useful and more specific than the info you have found. I also am more comfortable to err on the side of the baby being too cool than too hot, as I think they are more likely to let you know if they are cold and overheating cN be v. Dangerous.

Paschaelina Sun 29-May-11 08:12:59

At 19 degrees we've been doing sleepsuit with no vest and 2.5 tog bag. At more than 20 degrees we do the same with a 1 tog bag. I'd it's much higher and/or sticky we just use a long sleeved vest.

Below about 18 degrees and I use a vest and sleepsuit.

Truffleshuffler Sun 29-May-11 20:01:56

I go for 2.5 tog in winter with vest and warm pyjamas. 1 tog in summer with vest and cotton pyjamas/sleepsuit. On really hot nights no sleeping bag as have quite a warm baby.
I would say that 19 to 20 degrees is quite warm so would definately go for 1 tog.
I have 3 of each as DS quite often pees through.

olivo Sun 29-May-11 21:39:20

in winter, when dd's room ocasionally gets to 16, she ahs vest, pjs and 2.5. in summer, it is usually between 18 and 22, we use pjs and 2.5, moving to 1.0 if it gets to 23 or more. i have 2x 2.5 and 1x 1.0. Got some really good deals in tkmax on ours.

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