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help-at my wits end impetigo going round and round the family,newborn too!

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swampmonster Sat 28-May-11 08:50:55

just posting in case there is anything I may have missed to help my family.I have 4 dc's the eldest 7 years and the youngest 4 weeks.both have been treated & tested positive for staph A (Impetigo) the eldest has now got second lot of flucloxicillin & the baby has been in hospital for I.V infusion for 3 days & 2 days of oral antibiotics to clear this up only to be home for a week & today I have noticed a wet scab in his nostril-fresh today.I have been washing towels, hands,pyjamas daily and so on and so forth-I simply CAN't stop my 7 year old from picking whatever I do-she has been taking piriton daily-which I would like to stop really as I don't like taking that long-term-her scabs are now dry but i feel she is a ticking time bomb as she constantly picks-I have rang the emergency doctor to advise about this fresh scab on newborn and the 3 year old has also had medication as a 'just in case' for the 1 scab he showed on his leg (I think he was just picking at an insect bite because that is all he has been hearing lately it seemed like a good idea!!!!!AAAARRRRGGGHHH!!!
My main concerns are the newborn,if and how often it is recurrant and do we think the health services are treating this seriously enough.We now are all home for the holidays with the ultimate chance to deal with and get sorted before school again.Help any advice welcome-the pharmacist recommended Fucidn also but the doctor has never mentioned any ointment to me whatsoever........

mumof4sons Sat 28-May-11 21:53:35

I sympathise with you. We had the infection in our family for months. My four DSs just kept passing one to the other. I'd get one DS clear, then another would come down with it, etc etc. The doctor was tired of seeing me. He finally suggested that we all go on antibiotics at the same time, symptoms or not. It cleared us up.

Have you been test to see if you are the carrier? You don't have to have any symptoms. I was tested at the time. Luckily not the carrier.

Good luck.

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