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Worried about DS

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norksinmywaistband Fri 27-May-11 15:56:46

Am beginning to feel like a paranoid parent sad

History - DS had his tonsils out 5 weeks ago made a good recovery
2 weeks ago sent home from school with ear pain, then temp of 104 which i couldn't get down saw GP and was sent to a&E as he had also developed tummy pain. Discharged after 15 hours on Antibiotics for ear infection and inflammed abdominal lymph nodes ( they had admitted initially thinking it was appendicitis)

Since finishing his Antibiotics he has been having a nighttime temp of about 102 and profuse sweating and developed a cough. Saw gp yeasterday who thinks it is nothing to worry about and just a viral thing

Today was asked to collect from school as complaining of tummy pain and refusing the end of term choc treat, on picking him up he was in floods of tears and obviously in a lot of discomfort. in the last hour he has developed a temp of 104.5 and in shivering and shaking sad his tummy is very tender also.

I am worried tried nhs direct but it is 4 hours for a call back - so thought I would try mn first.

should I be worried or wait for calpol to do its thing his breathing is fast, but probably linked to tempreture

rockinhippy Fri 27-May-11 17:03:15

Personally I think if you are that worried then take him down to A&E - so what if you look like paranoid Mum, far better that, than it be something more serious & him not get the help he needs.

my Dd had similar symptoms & NHS direct sent us to A&E - hers turned out to be colitis due to the anti B's she'd been on - our friends Son, whose Dr Mum thought it a virus - was actually appendicitis - thankfully she realised in time

IMHO Better safe than sorry smile

thisisyesterday Fri 27-May-11 17:05:11

i would take to a&e again as well

norksinmywaistband Sat 28-May-11 22:20:04

Went straight to a and e after posting

After 3 dr assessments xrays and blood tests he is still in hospital, being treated for a pneumonia.

Thankyou for your replies, just wanted to give you an update

rockinhippy Sat 28-May-11 22:53:40

Glad you took him, though I'm really sorry to hear that sad

DD has had that too & was kept in for 10 days, but as awful as it was at the time, she recovered well in the end as I'm sure he will too.

Hope you are managing to get some rest yourself & that he's properly better real soon

moosemama Sun 29-May-11 21:12:09

Just read your thread and wanted to say I'm sorry to hear how poorly your ds is and hope he gets well soon.

My ds has had pneumonia with atypical presentation twice. Both times his symptoms were stomach pain and temperature and in the first case (which was really bad by the time they caught it) intermittent vomitting.

He now has it red flagged on his medical notes so that the catch and treat it earlier if it ever happens again.

As rockinhippy said, make sure you are getting some rest and regular food and drinks at the hospital. I know how hard it can be to think about and take care of yourself while you're looking after a dc in hospital, but they need you to, so that you can be there for them.

Hope your ds recovers quickly and is back home soon.

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