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Babys cord and clamp fell off but doesn't look right.

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TotorosOcarina Thu 26-May-11 15:25:49

This is my 4th but don't remember their belly buttons looking like this,

DS is 15 days and cord fell off yesterday but the hole is really open. at first it was protruding, now its not but its open and theres what looks like cord inside, klike a big greeny lump.

is this normal??

does it close?

have been signed off by midwives now and not sure if i should take him to GP? <Feels daft>

GeekLove Thu 26-May-11 15:32:56

My DS2 has something similar (10wks now). His stump hadn't heal properly. I left it a few weeks as it wasn't infected although there was a greenish discharge until a coupleof weeks ago. I would recommend you see your GP if you are worried. Currently DS2 is having his cauterised with silver nitrate which will take a few treatments.

Hope this helps

dunmoanin Fri 27-May-11 10:59:54

My dd also had belly button trouble. Hers looked very pink and fleshy, almost like it wasn't covered with skin iykwim? As GeekLove, I took her to the nurse who cauterised it with silver nitrate. It was quick and simple and needed only one treatment.

Good luck.

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