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DS with abdo pain for 2 weeks - anyone?

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ibbydibby Tue 24-May-11 07:41:33

Have posted previously about this - he has been in pain for just over 2 weeks now. Have had 2 trips to GP, 3 trips to assessment unit at hospital and one overnight stay. At most recent trip to hospital a doctor suggested the problem was a pulled muscle, and advised ibuprofen 3 times a day. We have follow-up appt later this week. However it is now 5 days since we started the ibuprofen, and DS is the same or a little worse. He is hardly eating, though not doubled up in pain. Feels sick sometimes.

As before am not sure why I'm posting, other than to ask if anyone else has knowledge/experience of this sort of thing?

Although he has follow-up appt at end of week, am debating this morning whether to get him back to hospital. Have been trying to get him to school, buthe had 3 days off last week and 3 days off the previous week. Have informed school of situation. My days are currently spent waiting for the school to call - they haven't so far.

reikizen Tue 24-May-11 14:45:07

I assume they have done an x-ray? Ruled out constipation & problems with appendix? My dd1 had a virus called mesenteric adenitis combined with fecal impaction and was in the most awful abdominal pain for a few weeks.

ibbydibby Wed 25-May-11 15:15:37

Thanks for your reply...yep, done all that

SPent much of yesterday in hospital with him - still in pain. Still reckoned to be muscular. Not sure how long muscular things can go on but we are now into week 3...

ashamedandconfused Wed 25-May-11 16:54:33

have they done any blood tests? you could ask about getting him tested for coeliac disease (gluten intolerance - nausea and pain common symptoms, along with many othr possible symptoms eg wind, loose stools, palor, lethargy, short stature, lots of fractures)

i thought ibuprofen was an aspirin based medication adn therefore a stomach irritant? seems odd they would give him that when he already has unexplained stomach pain!

ibbydibby Wed 25-May-11 17:53:18

Hi ashamedandconfused - thanks, yes has had 3 blood tests in space of 12 days.....they were looking primarily for raised white blood cell count, as possible indication of infection, though each time this has been in the normal range. (though I am a bit concerned that it has gone each time it has been measured)

IS there anything in a normal blood test that would indicate coeliac disease, or would he have to be tested specifically for this?

Think ibuprofen becaues doctors think route of pain is muscular rather than digestive problem.

We are now trying to adopt a low key approach and not mention it unless DS1 does...felt v bad this morning when he went off to school, obviously not himself. But came home looking/being much chirpier than he has for ages. Though said tonight that he is just trying to "cope" with the pain.

ashamedandconfused Wed 25-May-11 22:10:53

Hi, the coeliac blood screen test looks for specific coeliac antibodies but other indicators would be low/falling iron levels, anaemia - not all coeliacs get anaemia though. coeliacs might be prone to hard-to-shift colds and chest infections due to lowered immunity.

just thought it worth mentioning, especially if there is any family history of "IBS" or osteoporosis/anaemia (both caused by the body's inability to absorb nutrients properly). Coeliac is massively underdiagnosed - and much more common than people realise,even in the medical profession.

its hard not knowing whats wrong when your DC are poorly, poor you. Hope you get some firm answers and he's well soon.

ibbydibby Tue 31-May-11 10:58:15

thanks ashamedandconfused. There is, afaik, no family history of IBS/osteoporosis/anaemia. His only symptom is the pain, ie no loose/dodgy stools, never had a fracture. He is of very short stature/low weight - but has always been the case. Was 5lb 4oz at birth (37 weeks).

We have now notched up 4 visits to childrens assessment ward, conclusion at 3rd and 4th visits were that it is muscular, and to take ibuprofen. They did not indicate how long this could go on for, and I feel very uncomfortable at giving him ibuprofen indefinitely. Think next port of call will be return to GP to request hospital appt (rather than being seeing as an emergency as has been the case so far).

He is still in pain, and suffering badly also with hay-fever at the moment. And trying to revise for maths exam!

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