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Corns between the toes

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Sops Mon 02-May-11 08:53:00

My dd has corns between her big toe and the next one.
I went to get something from the chemist but they all say not for children under 15/16 yrs.
I will take her to the docs this week, but I'm just wondering if anyone else has experience of this.
It seems strange to me because she has her shoes professionally fitted at Clarks and if they were rubbing her surely the corns would be on the outside of the foot rather than between her toes?

Seona1973 Mon 02-May-11 09:09:07

are they corns or verrucas?

Sops Mon 02-May-11 18:59:02

I thought corns because they're not cauliflowery but maybe they are verruccas as google says corns are over joints and dd's are between the toes.

ragged Mon 02-May-11 19:03:38

They can be filed down at a podiatrist clinic or gently with a nail file yourself. I had it done between toes last week (am being regularly treated for Veruccas, anyway). I wear open-toed sandals most the time, too! Good foot clinic can make sure you can which they are (corns or veruccas).

Sops Tue 03-May-11 07:45:11

Yes, I think open toes would be a good way to go although buying them would no doubt cause a break in this amazingly dry weather we're having!
Will get down to a foot clinic, Thanks.

pensheric Thu 23-Jun-11 19:41:32

tubefoam toe covers or gel toe separators will stop the toes rubbing together -have a look at

LordOfTheFlies Fri 24-Jun-11 00:19:28

Sometimes its where the joints in the toes meet that you get the rubbing.
Big toe has 2 bones/ 1 joint
lesser toes have 3 bones/ 2 joints.

If the skin is mascerated try some surgical spirits, especially if you use gel pads.

Try and get her booked in with podiatrist. It might not be the shoes, it may be to do with how the foot functions when she walks.
Draw round her bare feet when she's standing and compare her footshape to her shoe. Childrens feet are very malleable.

How old is she BTW?

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