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Scalded Skin Syndrome - 6 times now

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Mollydolly124 Sun 01-May-11 21:32:34

Hello All,
My little boy who is 1 on Wednesday has Scalded Skin Syndrom.

He's had it for about 2 months now and has been in hospital with it on a drip for 4 days and then has been at home on anti bi's for about 6 weeks!!

Cycle after cycle it just keeps coming back!! My GP surgery know nothing about it and we have now been given an appointment at the hospital for the 16th May.

The docs wont give me anymore Anti Bi's and already I can see the 7th cycle just about to start - Poor little man!!

Does anyone have any knowledge of this skin infection, advice??

How do we get rid of it because Anti bi's aint working?

What causes it?? Someone has said it's because I breastfeed!! OMG!!! He's loves BF and wont take a bottle so theres no giving that up!!

Info very muchly appreaciated.

Many thanks


sneezecakesmum Sun 01-May-11 21:50:37

So sorry dont know much except it is a condition where the skin looks as though it is scalded - red, angry, peeling off - and is caused by a staphlococcal (cant spell it) infection usually cured by broad spectrum antibiotics.
Staph lives on the skin on most people but rarely causes any problems.
[[ here]]
They would I hope have checked DS for underlying problems that would predispose him to repeat attacks, but it is not like a virus that you get antibodies to. Doubt whether bf would cause this. Its the bacteria on his own skin.
Can't suggest much, sorry.

nightcat Sun 01-May-11 21:50:57

hmm, my ds was misdiagnosed with staph as a baby, it turned out something completely different in the end and permanent too.
There are some blistering conditions, some more severe than others, have you asked to be referred to GOSH or another large hosp?
Have you observed what triggers it?

nightcat Sun 01-May-11 21:54:36

yeah, in my ds staph just happened to be on the skin, but wasn't the real cause AT ALL, it broke my heart to see him pumped with IV a/bs until I couldn't take it any longer, discharged him and went in search of a second opinion
You need a referral to a top derm experts

Mollydolly124 Sun 01-May-11 22:02:31

Can you beieve sp far they have done sweet FA!!! I'm sooooo cross!! I've asked and asked for tests to be done because before this he has really bad excema but since this has started the excema has gone??

Anyway like I said we have been referred to the derm dept on the 16th May. Last time I was at the docs I kicked off big time and said this needed looking at by an expert!! So my doc sent and URGENT app request to them and also last week he sent another one!!

The joys hey. Only in the last month has he started to eat properly - or should I say at all, he is so tiny he's still in 6 month old clothes!!

There does not seem to be any triggers we have tried changing his diet, dairy free etc!! It still comes back everytime!! x

Bless him. xx

nightcat Sun 01-May-11 22:11:50

I feel for you as I have been through a similar situation myself sad

Where are the blisters? Are they caused by clothes? pressure?
Are there any medical conditions running in the family (not necessarily the same as your ds), eg autoimmune?

Trust your gut, don't get fobbed off with another set of a/bs before they dx and DON'T do what I did (there was a point when I binned a/bs as I realised it wasn't infection at all, drs were fumbling in the dark - my ds was only 3 mths old then) sad he is a teenager now.

If it turns out to be food-related, then count yourself lucky, some conditions can be far harder to manage.

mostlyexhausted Wed 13-Apr-16 17:09:11

Hi there Molly, I know this post is five years old but I was just wondering how your ds was getting on. Any more instances of scalded skin or did he grow out of it?

My ds had 8 days in hospital with a severe case. Very scary.

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