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Anyone had a DC with molluscum? Advice please!

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Greedygirl Tue 12-Apr-11 21:40:51

My DS developed some warty looking bumps on the back of his leg late last year and the doctor confirmed it was molluscum contagiosum - which sounds a bit like a Harry Potter spell I think! Anyway, their advice was to leave it alone. DS now has really painful looking eczema around the lumps and I wondered if anyone had managed to try and speed them along - have seen recommendations for silver spray and squeezing (yuk!). Anyone else dealt with this successfully?

Roseformeplease Sat 02-Mar-13 15:48:52

Eczema means the skin is broken so allows the infection in / to develop as I recall. Those with eczema are more prone to it but all children have the capacity to develop it. We just had to wait it out although "traumatising" them (my HV's way if saying give 'em a squeeze) made them go faster.

LittleMissAnon Tue 05-Mar-13 02:41:51

Hi there, my DD had molluscum from 7 months old. After a bit of researching on the net I tried Dr Wheatgrass Skin Recovery Cream (google it!). It definitely works (and is natural and gentle) BUT just takes a while to fully clear up. DD's molluscum took around 3 months to totally clear up (she had around 20 spots on her back). Just a word of warning, the spots go red and swollen just before they clear up so don't be alarmed!! I was at first!!

mentallyscrewed Tue 05-Mar-13 04:28:34

DD had them on the backs if her knees when she was in reception. The doctor said up to 2 years but they were irritating her badly.
He suggested leaving or squeezing. (Pre mumsnet days for me so no other mums to ask what they did either)
I squeezed one and it was eye wateringly painful for her and I was then worried about them spreading but nothing happened and then over the next few weeks she gradually let me squeeze them all (think she had about 10 altogether so not many!)

We were lucky and had no exzcema or spread of them and nothing since but if there are remedies that get rid of them I would have definitely tried those because they were very hard to squeeze and very painful. DD was really bothered by them and I guess soon forgot about how much it hurt and then asked for another one to be done but she is a bit of a toughie!

sewandsew Fri 08-Mar-13 13:17:28

DD aged 4 had them for over a year. I got quite desperate as they got a bit nasty and started to bother her. For 2 weeks she only had a shower, her own towel and then we dabbed with diluted tea tree oil (concentrated oil plus water) over them each evening and they then gradually looked less angry and eventually cleared up. Squeezing is very painful and can spread them further as the infectious bit is apparently inside after squeezing.

Mrss79 Tue 03-Jun-14 10:47:46

My 4 year old son had molluscum for just under a year and nothing worked. The pharmacist in boots recommended Nelson's thuja 6c tablets and within a fortnight all the warts had burst and cleared up. Very happy household and the tablets were far cheaper than all the other treatments. My two Neices then got molluscum and they used the tablets right away one cleared up in 2 weeks the younger one took about a month, I wish I had known about this sooner.
Silver sprays and capsules that you find on the internet do not help, trust me!

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