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umbilical cord stump fell off after 3 days...seems early?

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MummyOnTour Sun 03-Apr-11 11:42:42

My baby's umbilical stump has fallen off after 3 days - I keep reading that it should come off after 1-3 weeks so seems really early. Looks a little bit wet deep inside but it's clean. Did anyone else get stump come off so soon??

cardamomginger Sun 03-Apr-11 11:54:56

Only have the one DC and her's fell off after about 10 days. If I were you, I'd give your community MW team a call and ask them. If they are shut, what with it being the weekend, you could call the labour ward. When are you next due for them to come and visit you? In the meantime keep it clean and dry and if it starts to look red, inflamed or there's any discharge, give GP/out of hours GP a call. Congratulations!

greentig3r Sun 03-Apr-11 11:56:15

Ours was quite quick too- 4/5 days.

RetroMaggie Sun 03-Apr-11 11:58:25

Ahh, they grow up so early these days don't they.
It's fine, my dd's fell of early too and caused no problem apart from me feeling things were moving way too fast!

breatheslowly Sun 03-Apr-11 12:10:01

Ours was about 4 days - that was the earliest that the guidance we had said, so 3 days is probably ok, but you should just check with someone.

charmum3 Sun 03-Apr-11 12:26:20

ds 3 his came off after three days, i panicked and phoned the midwife, lots of reasurrance and laughter ( i worked on labourward for years) just keep it cleanxx

MummyOnTour Sun 03-Apr-11 20:09:08

Thank you for your advice everyone xxx

GeekLove Sun 03-Apr-11 20:18:56

The stump fell off after 3days for my DS2 but I was grateful for that as it was minging and it made him smell of rotten meat! His belly button is still a bit sticky but it is drying up and there is no infection. I did contact the midwifery team and they did a good job of reassuring us. I'm sure your LO will be fine.

Wallace Sun 03-Apr-11 21:07:36

my ds2's fell off after 4 days. I'm sure it is a sign of intelligence....

mummyofmoomoos Tue 25-Oct-11 19:11:12

i was having a panic about my newborn sons umbilical cord- it was bleeding a little and he wriggled and wriggled til it bled a little more, i called the midwifes at the hospital i had him in and the lady i talked to was so lovely and reassuring, as long as its kept nice and dry and clean you cant realy go wrong, and remember it is after all a decomposing bit of flesh- (yuk) so it may get a little gooey, but as long as theres no nasty smell and the goo isnt pale yellowy or green, you should be ok smile my midwife who does the home visits twisted my sons off yesterday for me as it was ready to drop of itsself- all that at just 5 days old!! but im assured that as early as 3 days is very possable smile

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