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My 2 year old son weighs 24kg!!

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jenny241987 Wed 09-Mar-11 22:30:52

My 2 year old son weighs 24kg and is 96cm, he is undergoing tests for cushings disease and we are waiting to hear the results.He has had a test for thyroid problems which came back abnormal but i was wondering if any one else knew any other diseases that may be causing this rapid weight gain and height problem as the doctors are saying that they've never seen this type of thing before, he hardly eats and the doctors are saying that it wouldn't matter if he had a normal appetite he still wouldn't be able to gain as much weight as he is in the short space of time that he is. Also he is still in nappies but the one's ot of the supermarket are too small for him and the community nurse is saying that he is not eligible for special one's as he doesn't have a learning disability, i am able to buy special one's from the nurse but they cost 20

samantha26 Thu 10-Mar-11 15:53:07

what bout diabetes my dads got it and it makes him put loads of weight on

mercibucket Thu 10-Mar-11 15:55:31

what time scale is the rapid weight gain? is it water retention and has he had his urine tested? hope you get to the bottom of it soon xx

samantha26 Mon 14-Mar-11 13:55:31

i dont talk to my dad no more its a long story id rather not go in to i think its water retention well most of it any way and yeah hes had his urine tested thats how they found out he had diabetes but not sure what the time scale is for the rapid weght gain sorry bout that

babe123 Fri 03-Jun-11 23:11:53

hi my son is the same he turned two and he weight 24kg and hes 3ft 2 and he has been tested as well and under the hopitals and the havent found anyfink wrong so it could so far when my son first got taking to the hospital he weight 30 kg and sence the hospital have been helping he has lost 6kg i wanted to wright to your answer as when i was going through this it was very scary and i was looking for answer throught the internet and ill i can say is stick with hopitals they will find whats wrong

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