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Does anyone know if you can get dairy free food on prescription

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cedmonds Mon 28-Feb-11 19:22:23

DS 4 is on a dairy free diet. He was on Nutramigen as a baby and had that on prescrpition. He can now have soya so was wondering if he can get anything on prescrpition.

thisisyesterday Mon 28-Feb-11 19:24:20

no, you can't get food on prescription. why would you? if he wasn't dairy-free you'd still have to buy him food!

cedmonds Mon 28-Feb-11 19:36:56

Why do they do Gultin free food on prescription then?(eg bread pasta etc)

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 28-Feb-11 19:51:35

Message withdrawn

cedmonds Mon 28-Feb-11 20:03:44

Hi PIxie
He sees a consultant but he didn't know. I might phone the Dr tomorrow and talk to them.It costs so much more the the normal products.

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 28-Feb-11 20:05:37

Message withdrawn

catwhiskers10 Mon 28-Feb-11 20:22:42

I used to work in a pharmacy and you can get soya baby milk free on prescription and also gluten free food if you have a proven gluten intolerance. Some people got loads of gluten free food on prescription loaves, pasta etc, so I don't see how dairy would be any different.
I'm not aware of dairy free foods being prescribed (apart from the infant milk) but you should ask either your pharmacy or GP if there is anything you can get on prescription.

cedmonds Mon 28-Feb-11 20:23:02

I was thinking of her today when they were saying that they think Ds uncontrolled asthma ( I know your DD is a lot worse) is prob due to the dairy. It makes sense because as soon as he stoped the dairy his asthma got loads better(needing ventolin everyday to having none)

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 28-Feb-11 20:26:54

Message withdrawn

MrsShrekTheThird Mon 28-Feb-11 20:30:27

no - nothing for dairy free except formula when they're small. It's honestly quite easy to shop dairy free, DS1 is allergic and we tend to feed all the dc dairy free as none of them are particularly good with it. You don't necessarily have to go for the expensive "free from" stuff, I get the Aldi brands biscuits and cereals and because they're cheap not as expensive as some, they don't tend to contain butter/whey powder etc that the more expensive ones do. We can even do their jaffa cakes grin Plenty of threads on here to tell you what to get, just check out the good ol' archive

cedmonds Mon 28-Feb-11 20:49:20

Pixie could she be intolerant to something. Ds was negative to the allergy testing as a baby but definitely could have milk (hives face swelling etc) It may be worth asking at GOSH next time you are there. I would think that's the people that would know.
mrs shrek Thanks i will have a look at that.

PixieOnaLeaf Mon 28-Feb-11 20:51:50

Message withdrawn

HecateQueenOfWitches Mon 28-Feb-11 20:56:45

actually, thisisyesterday - you can get food on prescription.

My children both get gluten free food on prescription. Because they have a medical need for a particular diet. They get bread, pasta, pizza bases, rolls, biscuits etc etc.

Everything else, I buy, but they get the staples on prescription.

I don't know about dairy free OP, sorry, but I can confirm that it is not accurate to say that food is not available on prescription.

thisisyesterday Mon 28-Feb-11 21:08:54

sorry, I got it wrong! thankfully there are more knowledgeable people on here than me blush

how come only gluten/wheat free stuff is provided though?

agree with mrsshrek... ds2 and ds3 are both dairy intolerant and once you get used to it it's easy and I don't find it any more expensive than shopping for the rest of us, if anything it's cheaper.

Can understand that special pasta/bread etc might be more costly though (although I think it shouldn't be)

trixymalixy Mon 28-Feb-11 21:11:19

No, there's nothing dairy free on prescription but formula.

mum2GKH Mon 28-Feb-11 21:12:22

I think from the tone of the post by thisisyesterday they don't agree with getting food that essentially you can get easily from the supermarket on prescription whereas hypoallergenic formula milks have to be prescribed. It's obviously a continued debate whether you pay for it or your GP...

auntevil Tue 01-Mar-11 13:58:44

I've always wondered why only those with a dx of coeliac get food products on prescription. It costs me a fortune for my 3 with all the things that are dx by the gastroenterologist. CMP, Lactose, Fructose and Sucrose are all dx. I have now been asked to try going gluten free as well. I would say that since these dx, our food bill has gone up by 20% - although i appreciate that food prices have gone up as well.
What i would really appreciate is help and advice from a dietician/nutrition in making sure that after cutting out all of this that the DCs are getting a good balance of food - but apparently that is not available on the nhs in our pct either. I would have settled for that rather than the food on prescription!

sugarbea Tue 01-Mar-11 19:52:57

My DCs cousin is lactose, wheat, dairy, fish and kiwi confused intolerant. ??? and a few more besides

Her mum was telling me that she gets the lower rate of DLA due to her condition and it helps towards the cost of food.

Might be worth seeing if you are eligible.

My DD is lactose intolerant but thats it. It must be a nightmare for you. The last party we had I spent a good half a day in sainsburys looking at all the labels for my dc's cousin. That must be a nightmare every shopping trip.

Hope you find some help

Pancakeflipper Tue 01-Mar-11 19:55:30

As the others say for dairy-free it's formula on prescription. Foods aren't but it's not hard to source foods suitable especially if you are into cooking and baking.

hobnob57 Tue 01-Mar-11 20:01:13

We are in the same boat with multiple intolerances, including gluten but can't get a prescription without a coeliac diagnosis. It is really expensive.

MrsShrek can I ask what the sugar intolerance symptoms were like? I've often wondered about dd2 and fruit sugars - she gets congested-sounding breathing after eating fruit, but I'm loathed to deprive her of it on top of everything else (dairy, soy, gluten, egg, nuts).

cedmonds Tue 01-Mar-11 20:17:03

Thanks everyone its really helped hearing what every one has had to say.

MrsShrekTheThird Tue 01-Mar-11 23:46:50

it's auntevil not me wink
I've got one cow-allergic (^everything^ cow related, the pest) and one CMPI, one ok ish but not gambling with anything. <you didn't need to know that but there you go...>grin

auntevil Wed 02-Mar-11 10:16:29

Hello Hobnob - sadly i couldn't really tell you the specifics of just sugar intolerances - as he has multiple - wheat, CMP, sucrose and fructose. He had the usual symptoms of cramps diarrhoea vomiting headaches raised temperature - but no rashes. He does get rashes to non food stuffs - so basically very atopic - hayfever, asthma, eczema.
What the gastroenterologist said was that if you are intolerant to fructose, you are highly likely to be intolerant to sucrose. he also said that those that are intolerant to fructose often have a dislike for fruit. it's the bodies way of stopping you eating it. I had always thought it weird that my DS would eat almost any vegetable, but turn his nose up at any fruit except pureed apple. We knew a good 2 years before dx that he was highly intolerant to banana. It's amazing what it's sneaked into - and the projectile result of eating it! Also he suggested that it was my fault grin blush as i don't like fruit either. I kind of got the feeling that he was inferring that it could be a genetic disposition?

hobnob57 Wed 02-Mar-11 21:24:29

crumbs, well dd2 loves fruit so that solves that then. thanks grin

Stacey2905 Wed 13-Aug-14 18:05:42

For the ignorant person who advised why would you, you would have to buy food anyway. There is very ltd products that are dairy free in supermarkets and what is it 4 times almost the amount of normal food. You are obviously someone who thinks everyone should pay and she's properly on benefits! If you have a small child with this allergy like my son has why should it not be available on prescription it's a medical condition that my son has been very sick from, you need to think before you write alias of non helpful rubbish

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