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Haemangioma and beta blocker treatment

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Mumbybumby Mon 28-Feb-11 13:58:56

Anyone's DC had this treatment?
DS (3 weeks) has a haemangioma on his cheek/eye and has been recommended to try beta blockers (if he passes all the medical assessments).
Any good/bad feedback on this?
If not, has anyone's DC been treated with steriods or laser treatment. If so, what was your experience?

Mumbybumby Mon 28-Feb-11 14:12:19


jackietwix Mon 28-Feb-11 16:24:07

My daughter had a very similar sounding haemangioma but that was 17 years ago! We were not offered any of the treatments you mention, we were told it was better to let it resolve by itself. I had had one as a child which had done just that. However it did not disappear completely of its own accord and she had 2 or 3 operations to remove the bump. She still has a slight scar, which could probably be reduced further with another op but she decided she didn't want any more surgery.

That probably doesn't help!

Mumbybumby Mon 28-Feb-11 17:43:20

Thanks for replying jackietwix.
We were told it would resolve itself too but that it could affect his sight development if left because of where it is
I'm glad your daughter's sorted itself out without too much help and hasn't left too much of a scar - good on her for having the confidence not to have another operation.

sallysparrow157 Mon 28-Feb-11 23:04:44

Using beta blockers is quite a new treatment, I've only ever seen it used once, with good results, though if i remember rightly we used some steroids as well. If it's near the eye its really important that it is treated to prevent eyesight problems that, if they happen, can't be fixed. The beta blocker has less side effects than the steroids. If what they are using is not working, or not working fast enough, they can sometimes add in a small dose of a drug which is often used for chemotherapy in cancer which also works well

My son had both beta blockers and steroids over a 24 month period. He's also had laser treatment and surgical reconstruction to save his eyesight and help him eat easier - I can give you lots of details but maybe you could have a look at my website where you can see some pics of him when he was a baby. He had a hemangioma which covered 70% of his face which is very rare, the size and depth that it grew to are also really rare so don't be too alarmed! He is 6 now and has treatment very rarely now and the birthmark has disappeared completely in some areas. website here
Please let me know if I can help with any info.

Mumbybumby Mon 07-Mar-11 22:33:20

Thanks for your replies . Been to see a lovely consultant today who wants to admit my son in the next week to start treatment. They'll start with the beta blockers and see how it goes and if needs be add in steroids. He's also going to see an ophthalmologist to see if his sight has been impacted.
dinosaur would you mind if I pm you to ask some questions?
I'm really glad that your son's eyesight was saved and he has had a positive outcome from the treatment. I hope he continues to improve. He must be a brave little man!

WworthMummy Fri 21-Oct-11 12:26:59

Hi all,

I wondered if anyone had any new / recent experience with the beta blocker treatment they don't mind sharing please?

We've been offered it for our DD's very large & ulcerated sad strawb mark but I'm quite wary of beta blockers & side effects etc on an otherwise healthy baby. (Poss just my medical ignorance of course!)

DD's main troublesome haem is on her head, not interfering with sight or breathing (albeit v big & unpleasant partic as we head into winter hat territory) which makes it a choice rather than a 'must do' for us depending on the risks & effectiveness.

Thanks for any help & advice you can share.

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